"American Idol" brings us "Queen Night" tonight, (April 28). The contestants were mentored by "American Idol" alum Adam Lambert, now the frontman touring as Queen + Adam Lambert, according to Variety. Presumably talking about Adam Lambert, Laine Hardy took to his Instagram and hinted that we can probably expect a different approach to his stagecraft tonight. In fact, he specifically mentions getting out from behind the microphone stand.

Laine Hardy previously mentioned his stagecraft talking to his Celeb Duet partner, Elle King

"American Idol's" Laine Hardy mentioned to Elle King, prior to their Celeb Duet, that it bothers him a doesn't move around the stage much.

He also noted that he's no good with dancing. However, he's working on his moves. At the time, she reassured him to just relax and enjoy what he's trying to do. As she said, even she makes mistakes sometimes, and often in front of huge crowds.

Actually, "American Idol" fans noticed that Laine always seems to move a little bit away from the microphone, but returns to it like he's a got a hectic return spring attached. Nevertheless, his popularity continues growing. In fact, around lunchtime on Saturday, ahead of 'Queen Night,' the odds and positions estimated on Gold Derby underwent a massive swing. Whether that's from chatter on social media getting around that Alejandro Aranda had a much bigger background performing music onstage than most people knew about, we don't know.

In any event, Laine now sits on the site as the top favorite in polls.

Hints by Laine Hardy that his 'American Idol' performance may see a change regarding the microphone stand

Gold Derby warns fans though, that with Alejandro dropping to fourth place on their polls, Laine needs to watch out for Madison Vandenberg who jumped to number two position above Jeremiah Lloyd Harmon.

Hopefully, whatever changes Laine makes to his stagecraft don't mess him up on 'Queen Night.' However, he seems very confident that what he learned about it should work for him.

In his short Instagram Story, Laine said, "He wanted me to get away from being...behind the mic stand." Laine adds, "So, he made me go out front and it's just like, um, act like I'm entertaining a crowd.

Laine then notes that "it worked and I feel very comfortable with doing it." Well, it's great to hear that Laine's "comfortable" as that means he may not get a nerve attack.

'Queen Night' on 'American Idol' 2019

Unusually, there are not too many spoilers out on who in the Top 8 will sing what. Possibly, that's because allegedly ratings were quite low on 'Disney Night.' Maybe ABC tightened up on the artists leaking their songs ahead of time. That's just speculation. However, it's not a long time to wait to see them all perform.

What do you think about Laine Hardy hinting he may change his stagecraft on "Queen Night?" Do you hope to see him really getting out there and entertaining the crowd? What about Gold Derby's new predictions that Laine's out in front but he needs to watch out for Madison?

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