Every May, "General Hospital" host's the annual Nurses Ball to raise money for Aids awareness. Each year there is always a bombshell dropped that stuns Port Charles residents, and sometimes loyal fans. These include Robin Scorpio Drake returning from the dead as her husband Patrick was proposing to a pregnant Sabrina Santiago, and the reveal of the Chupacabra mystery that Helena Cassadine set in motion. There are a number of secrets that could come to light in 2019 that would cause chaos and ruin many lives. Considering this is May Sweeps, viewers should prepare for one or all of these situations to come to light.

Mysteries may be solved at the Nurses Ball

Port Charles residents will be mourning the loss of Oscar Nero this week, but life goes on. They will also be preparing for a favorite yearly celebration. Last year it was rumored that Tyler Christopher or a recast would reprise the role of Nikolas Casadine during the Nurses Ball. Fans of the character have continued to hope he will return from the dead, and perhaps this year he may. The death of the Cassadine Prince has never been resolved so perhaps he will finally make an appearance, He will finally deal with the man who took over his legacy and causes young Spencer so much distress.

It's also not a stretch to believe that Ryan Chamberlain may also show up alive and well in Port Charles.

He will desire to deal with his twin who he believes is now dating his beloved Ava Jerome. The demented doctor needs to be laid to rest, one way or another and "General Hospital" owes it to viewers to end the serial killer storyline once and for all. just imagine Kevin's sadistic sibling, running here and there, causing distress and wreaking havoc until he is finally taken down.

Secrets come to light on 'General Hospital'

Three bombshells that could be dropped during the Nurses Ball are the baby switch, Willow being Nina's daughter, and the truth about Shiloh coming to light. At this point, these situations are all intertwined, and viewers need a scorecard to keep up. Michael is friends with Willow, who believes the child Lucas and Brad are raising is the son she gave up for adoption because Shiloh is her baby daddy.

Julian, Brad, and Obrecht know that Willow' son died and Nelle switched him with her child with Michael. If this secret comes to light, it will destroy the lives of many Port Charles residents.

Fans would be delighted of the Dawn of Day leader is exposed for who he really is and that storyline ended during the Nurses Ball. There is also a chance that Willow will finally reveal the locket half that exposes her as Nina's real daughter. This will bring to light the deception that Valentin and Sasha have been perpetrating against Nina. With Michelle Stafford going back to "The Young and the Restless," "General Hospital" could have Cynthia Watros make her debut during the annual event. There is also a chance that an unknown mystery could unravel so stay tuned.