"90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After" currently runs on our screens and Larissa Dos Santos Lima, along with her ex, Colt Johnson, feature after their very dramatic divorce. While Colt's focussed on selling his art as postcards, Larissa's enjoying her time with her new boyfriend, Eric. However, after she met Colt in Mexico, the whirlwind relationship exploded in classic entertainment TV fashion. Now, it seems she learned some caution. In her latest Instagram Q&A, she makes it clear there's no rush this time with her relationship.

Larissa and Eric met on Tinder and he never watched her on the show, until now

Larissa mentioned in her Q&A that she and Eric met via Tinder, the same App that came back to bite Jay Smith and Ashley. That confirmed what InTouch Weekly reported earlier. The Wrap noted that he never watched Larissa on the show during her season with Colt(ee). However, now Larissa says on her Story that he does watch now. Probably, they both watch together.

On that, she seems very taken with the new after-show, "Pillow Talk." She finds it very funny. Well, fans can agree with her on that, as it's possibly better than the original "90 Day Fiance season." In reply to a question about watching the show, Larissa noted that Eric "watches the show sometimes." But they are "out of this show." Larissa says that they prefer to live their "real life." So, probably don't expect to see Larissa back on the show with Eric at a future date.

No rushing this time around for '90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After's' Larissa Lima

The interesting part about this Q&A where Larissa touched on Eric, is that it seems they won't rush into anything this time at all. Obviously, her whirlwind romance and the subsequent disaster of that relationship's made her a little more cautious.

When a fan asked her, "Are you and Eric going to move in together," Larissa was hesitant to commit. She replied, saying, "We will making like three months of dating so it's too soon to marry, living together, we are happy," She added, they are hoping that "one day, Erikee" will meet her family.

As Larissa notes, she's in a "very different place" from where she was before, living with Colt and his mom during "90 Day Fiance." They are now divorced and she has nothing to discuss about them.

Actually, there may be some things she'd love to say but points out that she's under contract to TLC.

What do you think about Larissa Dos Santos Lima talking about Eric and her on her Q&A? Do you think it's very wise not to rush their relationship after the disaster with Colt? After all, she seems very laid back, much calmer, and displays no signs of manic anger and it sits well on her, actually.

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