''General Hospital'' spoilers reveal that ABC has released the video that tells the last days of life of Oscar Nero. Unfortunately, the hope of a miracle has been in vain. Fans will have to resign themselves to the idea of never seeing Oscar again. The video is very moving and will undoubtedly sadden the viewers who were fond of this unfortunate but brave little boy.

Even in his last days, Oscar tried to think about his family. There were also smiles and hugs, within a poignant atmosphere. Oscar's family will not lose hope and will pray to God to save the unfortunate boy.

To give the final farewell to Oscar will be Joss, who will be moved with her words full of love. All this, according to Soap Dirt, should happen in May, and probably this week.

Oscar's farewell, Josslyn devastated

''GH'' latest spoilers reveal that it's time for Oscar Nero to say goodbye to his family forever. The brain tumor has left him with no chance. Dr. Monica was only able to alleviate Oscar's suffering through palliative care. Oscar will want his whole family to be with him. He will tell Cameron and Josslyn that he loves them, and will thank them for all the love they have given him. Oscar has less and less energy as the disease consumes him. All his friends and family will visit him. Kim, Julian, Josslyn, Ned, and Elizabeth will go into Oscar's room.

Dr. Monica will assist the boy with all possible care, making sure he doesn't suffer.

We'll also see Drew and Carly who, taking courage, will go to see Oscar. Franco and Drew will get together again on the occasion of this sad event and promise to give courage to each other. The two brothers will be in the park of the villa Quartermaine and will let themselves go in a desperate cry.

All this suggests that there is no longer any hope for Oscar, according to Soap Dirt.

Oscar's family pray for a miracle

Other ''GH'' spoilers reveal that Kim will tell Drew that Oscar is fighting with all his might. Outside the boy's room, Dr. Monica will try, in vain, to console Josslyn. Cameron, on the other hand, will let himself be carried away by anger, not accepting the sad fate of his friend.

Despite this, Oscar's family will gather in prayer, asking God for a miracle. In the promo video, released by ABC, we can see Oscar is suffering. The boy, most likely, will spend his last hours of life in the company of Josslyn, Kim, and Drew. Josslyn's poignant words will move everyone: 'Oscar if you can hear me, know that I love you'. Finally, Oscar will try to look Joss in the eye for the last time. ''General Hospital'' spoilers say that Oscar could die this week, but fans hope until the last moment in a twist.