Anyone who watches Bravo regularly is familiar with some pretty out-there things. On last week’s episode of "Vanderpump Rules," Katie Maloney and Stassi Schroeder visited a witch to exorcize Stassi’s demons. Co-star and SUR hostess Billie Lee dropped by Roz Drezfalez’s podcast Ghosted with a spooky story that took a frisky turn.

Billie explains what happened

Billie Lee recounted the time she had an intimate experience with a ghost. Before living in L.A., pre-transition Billie lived in an old, haunted Victorian house in Indiana. While she shared the house with the ghost, she didn’t know she’d also be sharing a bed.

After a night of smoking marijuana with friends, Billie says she woke up on the couch alone, but with “the energy, the vibration of a ghost” making love to her. She admits that she was in and out of sleep throughout the ghostly experience.

The next morning, she asked her friends if something in the weed could have caused her to hallucinate the experience. They said no, the pot wasn’t laced with anything. Billie remains convinced that it was an otherworldly encounter. She was adamant in her feeling that, “This person was a ghost, it was an energy.”

Despite the creepy factor, Billie said that she “liked” the ghost encounter. In describing how the encounter went down, she said, “I felt the touch on my body...

I felt things I couldn’t explain.” It sounds like it only happened once. If it did happen more, she isn't mentioning the other times. It is a pretty interesting story, though.

Billie talks issues with Stassi

Another thing she can’t explain is why co-star Stassi Schroeder has it out for Billie. During a recent interview with Jenny McCarthy on "The Jenny McCarthy Show," Stassi said she wishes the new cast members would “just leave.”

Stassi was saying that the new cast members intentionally start problems just to get bigger roles on the show.

When asked by Jenny which newbie was most guilty of doing this, Stassi said, “Billie Lee.”

Stassi’s not wrong about that. Billie might not be afraid of no ghosts, but she should be wary of her co-stars. Scheana Shay did recently say that things at the reunion show got physical between Billie and the others. Some of the cast would like her gone, but so far it sounds like Billie is sticking around.

The drama with the cast of "Vanderpump Rules" is something that happens pretty often. The thing is the entire cast is making it sound like this reunion is going to be the craziest one yet. You will not want to miss watching it.

Tune into "Vanderpump Rules" Mondays on Bravo to see Billie and Stassi, who are definitely not ghosts. (Stassi does like to call herself the Devil, though.)