"The Young and The Restless" spoilers say Rey's gonna find a creepy secret. Most likely it's about Adam, who will soon be thundering in Genoa City. Unfortunately, Summer will have her heart broken because of Rey's decision to leave her. Rosales will choose Lola, but Summer will not give up and will fight to win back her man. Devon, on the other hand, will fall into a deep depression caused by Neil's death. Elena will try to console him, but it seems impossible. Continuing with the spoilers of ''Y&R'' we can tell you that Abby will be struck by the charm of an intriguing man, Dr.

Nate. Will an exciting love story be born between the two of them? Finally, Lola will understand that Summer has not given up and will put in place a plan to keep her away from Rey. In short, a great turmoil in Genoa City.

Kyle leaves Summer and chooses Lola Rosales

New "Y&R" spoilers suggest that intriguing new twists will surprise fans. The month of May will be full of interesting new storylines that will liven Genoa City up. For a start, Phyllis will once again be the center of attention. Her new entrepreneurial project will thrill her, but it could compromise her friendship. Will Phyllis choose her career or personal relationships? This storyline will also include Lauren, who will discover that the Phillys project could cause damage to Fenmore.

The complicated love story between Summer and Kyle continues. Summer doesn't want to pay Kyle, despite the adversities they will have to face. According to 'Celebrity Dirty Laundry', Kyle will break Summer's heart by choosing Lola Rosales. But Kyle won't give up and will be willing to do anything to win back her man. Between the two women, there will be fire and flames.

''Y&R'' spoilers also say that Abby will have a new love interest. It's the charming Doctor Nate.

Rey confesses a dark secret to Arturo

Other interesting ''The Young and The Restless (Y&R)'' spoilers suggest that Rey will reveal a burning secret to Sharon. Most likely, on the back of an unexpected scene involving Victor. Rey might find out that Adam is alive.

According to Celebrity Dirty Laundry, Adam's return is really close. Also, Devon won't get over the pain of Neil's death. Elena will try to console Devon and a strong bond will be born between the two. Neil's death will never cease to be at the center of the plot. Reading Neil's last will, in fact, cause many contrasts in his family. For more news don't miss the next exciting spoilers. Stay tuned for other news about this soap opera aired on CBS.