“SuperMansion,” the stop motion animated web series created by Matthew Senreich and Zeb Wells, will be releasing its final batch of episodes for season three on May 9. These episodes, as well as all prior episodes, can be found on the streaming service Sony Crackle. Like everything on Sony Crackle, the entirety of “SuperMansion” is completely free to stream and no account or logins are required to watch. The show is produced by Stoopid Buddy Stoodios or Stupid Monkey as it was previously known. This production company is known for its work in stop motion and its credits include “Robot Chicken”, “Titan Maximum” and “Buddy Thunderstruck.”

What is 'SuperMansion?'

"SuperMansion" focuses on the exploits of the superhero team The League of Freedom.

The team is similar to that of the Justice League or the Avengers, but just a tad bit more dysfunctional. The team is led by Titanium Rex who is an Expy of Superman and voiced by Bryan Cranston of "Breaking Bad" fame. Other characters include Rex's daughter Titanium Lex voiced by Jillian Bell, Rex's rival and former teammate Dr. Devizo who is voiced by Chris Pine and Cooch the anthropomorphic cat turned superhero voiced by Heidi Gardner. Currently, the series consists of three seasons as well as five holiday-themed specials.

What will the new episodes be about?

Co-creator Zeb Wells re-tweeted a short trailer of the new episodes which showed Lex's bug genes finally starting to get the best of her and the rest of team trying to figure out what to do about it.

This has been a recurring plotline and was featured heavily in the last batch of six episodes. As confirmed by Zeb Wells, this will be “The end of Lex's saga!” and marks the return of Yvette Nicole Brown. It will be “the final batch of season 3 (bringing us to a 21 episode season with specials).” Yvette Nicole Brown formerly voiced the characters Zenith and Portia Jones, but the two ended up merging into one person in the first batch of season three.

Last time she was seen, the newly formed character had decided to stay in the god’s realm, but she did say she would be happy to help out the team whenever they needed her.

According to a press release on bubbleblabber.com, The League of Freedom will team up with a reluctant Debbie Devizo in order to combat Lex. This will certainly be awkward as Debbie is the former wife of Dr.

Devizo who ended up cheating on him with Rex. Eventually, this led to her becoming a villain after Dr. Devizo trapped her on a prison island. After escaping, Debbie attempted to kill Dr. Devizo but was stopped. Anyone interested in seeing the trailer for themselves can find Zeb Wells’ tweets linked below.

At the time of this writing, there hasn’t been any word on whether there will be a fourth season or not. That said, it’s not uncommon for Sony Crackle to wait until the previous season is finished before making an announcement.

Chances are if they’ve already been renewed, production on the next season would’ve already started. Either way, fans can expect some new episodes on May 9. More recently, the show released an Earth Day Special on April 18. A trailer for the special can be found below.

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