When season 3 of the “Shadowhunters” airs in April, expect a lot of action, drama, mystery and magic. New challenges are in store for our heroes with the arrival of a new villain. Likewise, relationships are put to the test and a possible new romance happens. We summed up what we have learned about the installment below.

Izzy in a new world

The casts of the series teased some spoilers in an interview with Syfy at the New York Comic Con. Matthew Daddario (Alec) said that in season 3, Isabel is “looking at a whole new world.” It is likely that Izzy finds herself immersed in the mundane world because of her AA meetings in Season 2.

Showrunner Todd Slavkin previously mentioned about her fascination with the humans who saved her from her Yin Fen addiction.

Jace in trouble

Jace has serious problems, which according to Daddario, is worst than dying and coming back to life. The trailer for season 3 shows he has visions of the dead Sebastian. Jace is also in pain for some unknown reason. The shadowhunter is clearly under demon influence, which he becomes vulnerable to following his resurrection.

Aggressive Simon

Something happens to Simon that makes him aggressive. Perhaps it has something to do with the Seelie Queen and her demands.

Magnus and Alec

Daddario said that Magnus and Alec explore new things in the “Shadowhunters” season 3.

Katherine McNamara, who plays Clary, added that Magnus also deals with the consequences of siding with the Seelie Queen in the season 2 finale. As punishment, he is stripped of his warlock status.

New love interest for Luke

The casts teased that Luke might get a new love interest in season 3. Fans point at Izzy and Alec’s mother Maryse as a likely candidate.

After all, Maryse and her husband are estranged and probably heading for a divorce. Maryse and Luke are also long-time friends.

Jace and Clary a couple

Clary and Jace do what regular couples do, including make out, which we see in the trailer. They also go on their first mundane date.

New villain

The heroes are up against a greater demon named Lilith (Anna Hopkins).

The villain has plans to usher in a new dawn and her arrival paves way for a new kind of demon possession. In the trailer for the “Shadowhunters” season 3, Jace commented that the possession is unlike what they have seen before.

Maia and Simon

Maia eventually learns about Simon’s secret dealings with the Seelie Queen and she is not happy. The couple goes through some rough time in their relationship and has some trust issues to settle, according to Alisha Wainwright, who plays Maia.