Lauren Cohan has departed "The Walking Dead," after surviving the undead for seven years and has now taken on a starring role in ABC's new spy comedy "Whiskey Cavalier." Now it appears will not return to "The Walking Dead," full time, but is expected to return in a guest role for season ten.

Cohan has said that even if "Whiskey Cavalier," is canceled, she will not return full time to "The Walking Dead," During the Television Critics Association press tour, she said she now has the opportunity to pick any role and she decided to take on the role for "Whiskey Cavalier," because it gave her the opportunity to work in a different genre.

Cohan said that she left TWD because it was a long time to play her character.

Whiskey Cavalier is Lauren Cohan's first lead star role

Lauren Cohan has appeared on many films including "Mile 22," and has now earned the starring role on a series with co-star Scott Foley in "Whiskey Cavalier." Reports have suggested that the future of Whiskey is still up in the air and it's unclear whether it will be renewed or canceled. It was previously reported that the show was dangerously close to cancellation territory.

There are no hard feelings between Cohan and "The Walking Dead," executives. Showrunner Angela Kang said she wants to bring her back to TWD, even if it's just for guest appearances. Kang has said it's just scheduling problems and that show executives are working on the story.

Kang and Cohan still have a strong relationship and Cohan still loves "The Walking Dead." Cohan is still working with TWD and the future of her character.

The Walking Dead will conclude Maggie's story in some fashion

"The Walking Dead," will conclude Maggie's story in some form. Cohan's time as a full-time cast member ended on the episode "What Comes After." On "Talking Dead," it was revealed that "What Comes After," is not the end of Maggie's story and show producers are hoping to bring her back.

"The Walking Dead" continues to face departures of popular stars including Andrew Lincoln and Lauren Cohan, and ratings for the zombie show continues to fall. The season nine finale, on Sunday, reached an all-time low rating for finales. While ratings have stumbled, it's still a key part of AMC's programming. AMC has even confirmed a season ten and a season five for "Fear the Walking Dead." AMC is even developing an upcoming spinoff series and several TV films featuring Andrew Lincoln reprising his role as Rick Grimes.

Lauren Cohan was one of the most popular stars on the show, and now with her demotion to a part-time, many wonder how she will be written out. Will she be eaten by the undead or possibly killed by a group following her people. Fans will have to wait and see what happens next.