A twist on the Seeking Sister Wife episode of TLC aired last week. Vanessa Cobbs left Ashley Snowden and Dimitri, despite saying she loved them. Fans were amazed by this decision, as Vanessa seemed really in love. Cobbs made the announcement on her official Instagram profile. Vanessa wrote a long post in which she explained the reasons that led her to make this painful decision. Some fans, however, are convinced that she has not told the whole truth, assuming that she got married only for economic reasons and popularity.

Vanessa Cobbs leaves Dimitri and Ashley

In her Instagram post, Vanessa explained why she left Snowden. Cobbs says that the decision was made after a long inner reflection which made her realize that she had taken the wrong path. But she didn't deny that she was really in love and that she always acted following her heart. Vanessa Cobbs has specified that she wants to be present for the children and for Snowden because the bond that binds her to them is very strong. However, it seems that she has neglected to invest all her energy in this love story. Vanessa confessed to not being honest with herself and realizing that she was wrong in doing so. "I was ignoring my inner guidance," writes Vanessa in her Instagram post.

The woman goes on to say that, even if you deeply love someone, it is possible not to have an affair with them. A love story, according to Vanessa, must be consistent with your life path and your inner guidance. The star of Seeking Sister Wife concluded her post by thanking all the fans who followed her and supported her in her path, specifying that everything they saw was real and authentic.

Finally, she specified that she still believed in polygamy and wished Dimitri and Ashley happiness and their soul mate.

The charges against Vanessa Cobbs of Seeking Sister Wife

Not everyone believes Vanessa Cobbs' explanations. Some fans are convinced that she married Snowden just for money and popularity. In response to these defamations, Vanessa wrote the Instagram post explaining her reasons and ensuring that she will still take care of the children.

What will be the real reason why Dimitri, Vanessa, and Ashley broke up? According to some rumors, Vanessa was paid to participate in Seeking Sister Wife. But she denies everything, stating that she has not received any compensation. Vanessa added that Dimitri and Ashley also did not receive money to participate in the program, everything was real and authentic. Will there be further developments? The fans hope that Ashley and Dimitri will also talk and give their version of the facts. Stay tuned for other intriguing rumors of Seeking Sister Wife