Michelle Stafford is leaving "General Hospital" and Cynthia Watros is taking her place. A series of tragic events will culminate with Nina finding out that Sasha is a fraud.

The stage is being set now with Spencer telling Valentin's wife that her spouse and her daughter are hiding a secret. Liesl is also aware that her niece has not found the true child. There is also the issue of the locket half, which, if produced by Willow, will end the game. The facts present themselves and Nina spirals out of control.

Michelle Stafford goes out with a bang

Celeb Dirty Laundry indicates that Kristina being deprogrammed will be front and center during the next two weeks on "General Hospital."

Soap Dirt details another storyline that fans are really engrossed in.

Michelle Stafford is about to leave her role as Nina to return to "Y&R" as Phyllis. Her character will finally be presented with irrefutable evidence that Sasha Gilmore is not her biological child. It's possible that she will also realize that Willow Tate, the woman she hates, is the daughter she gave birth to.

CDL suggests that Nina will become so distraught at the news, she will take off in her vehicle at a high rate of speed and crash. The spoiler says that there is no indication that she will have injuries. Soap Dirt states that it will be dramatic for Michelle Stafford to be the woman who enters the hospital and Cynthia Watros to be the one who leaves.

Cynthia Watros begins a new era on 'GH'

"The Young and the Restless" and "General Hospital" seem to have the same idea about beginning a new era for Phyllis and Nina. Each show desires the recast to be in place before a storyline shift. Earlier spoilers suggested that once Michelle Stafford went back to the old stomping grounds, her character would be so distraught at the fraud perpetrated by Valentin and Sasha that she would leave Port Charles forever.

Now that Cynthia Watros has been given the role, viewers know that Nina will stick around.

Nina and Willow cannot stand each other now, but the accident may change everything. Shiloh may also have proof of Nina's daughter. The other half of the locket will have to surface and that when this character wakes up in the hospital, it will be Cynthia Watros in the role. Be sure to watch for updated spoiler alerts that give additional details on the role switch. Continue watching "General Hospital," each weekday afternoon, on ABC at 2:00 PM ET.