Lisa Vanderpump premiered the "World's Most Amazing Dog" back on February 7. Taking to her Instagram March 27, Lisa said they drew in an amazing 15 million views for the premiere episode. Since then, the numbers grew. Now, the interactive Facebook Watch show approaches it's final on Thursday. Fans who want to participate in the final vote may do so by visiting the page. There, they advise viewers that they can "use the Facebook mobile app to vote for [their] favourite submissions to World's Most Amazing Dog or submit [their] own.

Facebook donates $1 to an animal charity for each video submission."

Hopefully, another season of 'World's Most Amazing Dog' Returns

The show's nearing its end, but given the number of viewers, hopefully, another season comes along. Those who missed out on it would probably love the concept. In it, the Facebook page advises, is an "interactive competition series from FB Watch about our furry friends...Upload a video of your dog and vote on your favorites." Lisa Vanderpump followers love that she rescue dogs in China and runs her Vanderpump Dogs organization. Now, this show gave them a chance to also participate and help donate to animal charities.

The fans reacted to Lisa's Instagram post which she captioned with, "Watch Lucy, Ein and Rev, and the winner from last week, Toshiro Flores, and my save, Just Jesse, join to compete for the grand prize of @themostamazingdog this Thursday (tomorrow) at 5 pm PST / 8 pm EST on Facebook Watch!!!!!

Don't forget it'll be up to YOU to vote and decide who will win!" Well, not a lot beats loving animals, unless it's interactive involvement on an animal show. It looks like Lisa picked another winner with this one.

Episodes of the Lisa Vanderpump dog show

Over on Facebook, the episodes that aired for "The World's Most Amazing Dog" included:

  • Episode 1: "Don’t Drop the Balls" which garnered 20 million views in two months.
  • Episode 2:" Beer Me, Please" got 134 million views in around four weeks.
  • Episode 3: "Saved By the CPR Dog" managed 16 million views.
  • Episode 4: "Now That's a PAWposal!" pulled in 15.8 million viewers.
  • Episode 5: "Are These Dogs Fur’real?" managed to hit that 16 million mark as well.
  • Episode 6: "A One Man's-Best-Friend Band," inexplicably dropped in views and managed just over 7 million views in two weeks.
  • Episode 7: "Tight Leash, Tight Rope" managed that in one week.

Interact to vote for your favorite dog

In the beginning, people could submit their own or their friends' most amazing dogs videos.

Now, through eliminations, they are nearing the finals and fans can interact and vote for their favorite. What do you think about the fun interactive show by Lisa Vanderpump? If you have not yet watched the "World's Most Amazing Dog," you can go and binge watch it all on Facebook Watch.