Thursday on "General Hospital" (April 4), there were some tense scenes for several Port Charles characters. Ava had nightmares about Ryan still being alive and coming after her, and later, Jordan announced that Dr. Chamberlain has been found. It is not yet known if the evil twin is dead or alive. The police commissioner looked weak and it's obvious that dialysis is not working. She will soon be in desperate need of an organ donor and one just might be on hand. Joss called paramedics because Oscar blacked out and Dr. Randolph implied the end might be near.

If he does not survive, Kim and Drew may allow his kidney to be donated to save Jordan's life.

Jordan announces Ryan has been found

Ava complained to Julian that she is seeing Ryan in her dreams. She is convinced he is alive and coming after her. Ms.Jerome refused to listen to her brother when he said she had nothing to worry about. She replied that she will not believe the serial killer is dead until she sees his body for herself. Meanwhile, a pale, frail, Jordan tried to continue her job and offered sympathy to Lulu, who is distraught that Dante is gone. Mrs. Ashford told Mrs. Falconeri that Anna revealed that there is no way to contact the former detective. There are also conflicting reports about Lulu leaving the show.

Later on, Curtis and Stella took Jordan out to eat in an attempt to get her to relax. The meal was cut short, however, when a phone call interrupted them, Jordan said she has to go because the call was about Ryan Chamberlain and she immediately left. The police commissioner is next shown arriving on Ava's doorstep. She announced to Julian and his sister that the Canadian authorities say the evil twin has been located.

What she did not reveal, however, was whether he was living or dead.

Oscar's death may give Jordan a new lease on life

Curtis tried to comfort Drew about his son's condition and the men also discussed Jordan's predicament. Meanwhile, Joslyn and her sweetie pledged their love on a bridge. The teens were dancing when a pale and weary-looking Oscar suddenly fell to the ground.

The paramedics were called. At the hospital, Dr. Randolp examined him, then indicated to his parents that he may not come out of the coma. They were distraught, as were Joss and Carly, who were watching from a distance.

If young Mr. Nero is indeed nearing the end of his life, it looks like something good may come from his death. It's probably not a coincidence that Jordan's health is declining, as Oscar is in a coma. Curtis and Drew were also having a bromance moment. It looks like "General Hospital" is setting things up so that Drew may offer his son's kidney to his best friend's wife. Some heartwrenching moments are about to take place in Port Charles.