"General Hospital" ("GH") spoilers report that Sam will put himself in a dangerous position inside the DoD. Its purpose is to save Kristina and protect her at the same time. If Shiloh were to find out the truth, she would be in trouble. Sam will thus double the game in the sect, looking for Daisy's complicity. Thanks to their friendship, she hopes to have as much information as possible to destroy Shiloh and the DoD.

The "General Hospital" spoilers form Celeb Dirty laundry also reveal that Daisy will let slip that in the community house there is the registration issued by Kristina.

As we know, that transcript conceals the dark secret of Alexis. If Sam can find this evidence, Shiloh has the hours counted. Meanwhile, Sam will reassure Jason and Sonny, making sure they do everything they can to destroy the sect and bring Kristina to safety. But Sam hasn't reckoned with Shiloh. The head of the DoD, in fact, realized that it was Jason who kidnapped Kristina and will pressure Sam to tell him the truth

'General Hospital': Sam deceives Shiloh, Daisy confesses

"General Hospital" ("GH") spoilers focus on Sam's obscure character. His goal is to save Kristina and to achieve this he has forged a strong bond with Shiloh, permanently entering the DoD. At the same time, Sam wants to destroy Shiloh.

Sam is aware that it won't be easy to succeed in this double feat. However, he is aware that at least for the moment Kristina is safe.

Sam will try to get important information about the sect through Daisy, who suspects nothing. During a conversation with her, Sam will manage to discover an important detail that he could use to defeat Shiloh.

In particular, he will know that in the community house is hidden a recording that could trap the head of the sect. Kristina, to earn the complete trust of 'The Trust,' had to confess a shocking secret about her family. Will Sam find that compromising recording? Speaking of which, Alexis is also taking a big risk.

Sam's presence at the DoD is a time bomb, Shiloh suspicious

"GH" new spoilers also say that Sam will take Shiloh seriously, even though he is aware of the danger he is running. On the other hand, Shiloh will start to suspect that Jason is behind Kristina's abduction, going on a rampage. He will then face Sam, claiming to know the truth. Sam will be able to keep calm and keep the evil Archer at bay, telling him that it will help him bring Kristina back to the sect. At the same time, Sam will meet with Sonny and Jason, explaining the current situation to both of them and informing them of Shiloh's suspicions. Will Sam be able to save Kristina and herself? We'll know with the next "General Hospital" ("GH") spoilers.