General Hospital (GH) spoilers for the week of April 15 will leave fans amazed. Many twists and turns are planned for the next episodes. Aiden is going to have problems with his classmates. Alexis will discover a disturbing background on Kristina, still subjugated by the sect. The girl has contracted debts to deliver a large sum of money to the DoD. According to General Hospital's spoilers, suspicions will begin to creep into Neil's account, as he could act secretly for the sect and manipulate Kristina's mother. Jason won't receive any comforting news.

Meanwhile, Oscar is ready to settle in the clinic where he will receive palliative care, relentlessly waiting for death. Unfortunately, for the young boy, there is no hope. His family is devastated by pain.

Alexis discovers Kristina's debts

General Hospital (GH) spoilers reveal that the atmosphere in Port Charles will overheat. Cameron and Franco will be the protagonists of a heated quarrel. Meanwhile, Cam will have problems at school after some bullies insult Aiden. The unpleasant event will make us reflect on Aiden's alleged homosexuality. Cam is very worried about the reprehensible episode that happened to his brother and will talk to his parents about it, trying to find a solution. Franco and Liz will advise their daughter not to act violently, but to support Aiden psychologically.

Meanwhile, Michael will try to convince Willow to save Kristina, still in danger and in the criminal hands of Shiloh and his cursed sect. Another important detail will be discovered. As Celebrity Dirty Laundry spoilers reveal, Alexis will discover that Kristina has paid a large sum of money to the sect. What is now essential is to stop Shiloh, who is very good at manipulating everyone around him, especially Kristina.

In addition, there will be a hypothesis that Neil can use Kristina's mother's information in her favor. If this is the case, the therapist may have some connection with the sect and act on its behalf.

Oscar is ready for palliative care

Other new and intriguing spoilers from General Hospital reveal that Jason won't have good news.

He will understand that Brad is in serious trouble. Unfortunately, Oscar will be transferred to the clinic where he will receive palliative care. Carly will be distressed after discovering news that will make her suffer. Meanwhile, Sasha will try to slow down and take a step back with Michael. Without a doubt an interesting week in Port Charles, among intrigues and moving situations. To know what will happen in the following episodes, we will have to wait for more General Hospital (GH) spoilers.