''General Hospital'' (GH) spoilers tell that Jordan could die at any moment. Ashford needs a kidney transplant as soon as possible and surgery is the only hope to save her life. The police commissioner will feel bad and collapse. Her state of health will be very worrying. The search for a compatible donor continues relentlessly with the help of Curtis, but it does not seem easy at all. A hypothesis that is as absurd as it is shocking appeals to the fans. Oscar is about to die and, being healthy, could donate his kidney to Jordan. The doctors didn't give the boy any hope, but his courage could be the key to giving Jordan a future full of happiness and hope.

What will happen in the next episodes of the soap opera?

Does Jordan die in the next episodes?

''GH'' spoilers reveal that the health of the police commissioner will become increasingly serious. Jordan has not yet found a kidney donor and continues to work, despite the obvious physical disturbances that do not leave her alone. According to Celebrity Dirty Laundry, if that weren't enough, her work puts her in close contact with the danger and the heavy load of stress it entails doesn't help her at all. Jordan will collapse, now without strength. I will then be rushed to the hospital, where the doctors will do their best to save her. Curtis will react badly to Jordan's umpteenth medical crisis and will not be able to contain her anxiety.

Terrified by the idea that his wife will die, he will work hard to find a compatible kidney donor. ''General Hospital'' spoilers don't get very unbalanced about the consequences that Jordan will report. Without a doubt, this crisis will be more serious than the previous ones. Will the medical staff and Curtis be able to save the brave woman's life?

Jordan's life could be in danger

According to news of Soap Hub, we know that even Oscar Nero is approaching death. The boy knows that he has a brain tumor that will leave him no escape and that he will spend his last days in a nursing home. Nevertheless, he faces his fate with courage. ''GH'' spoilers suggest a dramatic hypothesis.

Oscar's death could save Jordan's life. Oscar is young and still has his kidneys intact, so he could be a potential good donor. In this way, Jordan's and Oscar's tragic destinies would be inextricably linked. Is that really how it's going to be? We can only look forward to the next ''General Hospital'' (GH) spoilers and hope that both Jordan and Oscar Nero have, as far as possible, vain hope of saving themselves. Unfortunately, recent news about Oscar's fate has left no room for doubt but hope never dies. Stay tuned.