While expressing incredible emotions during the funeral for Nipsey Hussle, brother Samiel Asghedom told the audience a few stories about their childhood together. According to Samiel, one of those amazing moments was when Nipsey told him he was going to build a computer. It would become the very computer on which Hussle began his music interest. To this, Hussle's brother says he was around 12 years old at the time.

Note: The funeral broadcast is available at the end of this article. Nipsey's older sibling begins talking approximately two hours into the memorial Live stream, specifically around minute-marker 01:52:00.

Due to delays, the funeral didn't begin at 10 AM PT as initially reported by Blasting News.

Hussle's brother says Nipsey built computer

During the funeral ceremony, brother Samiel recalled Nipsey Hussle coming home one day with a "bag full of computer parts." He says Hussle only had separate parts. His brother wasn't interested in what Nip was talking about at the time, because they were supposed to be cleaning their room, according to the sibling. Instead, he says Nipsey's computer parts were "all over the floor." The brother mentioned that he thought building computers was something among "rocket science," so he knew Hussle wasn't about to construct one right there in their room.

However, Samiel notes that little brother Nipsey Hussle continued bringing spare computer parts into the house, and, over the next few weeks, studied various computer magazines and books regarding computer hardware and software.

Well, one day, Nipsey's brother came home and Hussle's computer was built and operational. In tears, Samiel told the funeral audience that he was amazed. But that wasn't the end of his awe.

According to Nipsey's brother, Hussle let him hear some music created on the very computer he built. After listening, Samiel was further astounded by his brother's work.

During his testimony, Nipsey's brother mentioned it was an inspiration to him as well. Basically, if Hussle could make music and sound great, he could do it too. Unfortunately for Samiel, that wasn't the case, which he admits during the funeral service. According to the brother of Nipsey Hussle, he probably wrote lyrics for months, and it still didn't measure up.

So, he realized that was just Hussle's lane instead.

Nevertheless, he offered nothing but undying support for Nipsey in all his endeavors. From selling mixtapes out of the trunk to Hussle's debut album, Victory Lap, Samiel has been part of his brother's support. As mentioned in Nipsey Hussle's funeral broadcast, his older brother was always trying to open ways to help make life better for Nip. Yet, as Samiel emotionally states, his little bro ended up making a way for their entire family, as well as the community.

Nipsey Hussle funeral broadcast

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