"General Hospital' (GH) spoilers unveil two important new features: the disappearance of Kristina and the truth about Willow. Thanks to a character's revelation, the secret will finally be discovered. We're talking about a patient of Dr. Byrne, who knows about a dark background. The doctor seems to be involved in the sect and therefore have a lot of information about it. Neil is aware that he hasn't been able to save someone from the DoD. Examining the various details and rumors that emerged in the last episodes of the soap, fans are sure that Willow is Nina's daughter.

If this hypothesis were true, Willow would have been removed from his real family by Madeline. If someone had noticed the similarity between Nina and Willow, the adoptive mother would have had to leave the city. Shiloh is aware that if the secret is discovered all her castle of lies will collapse, what will she decide to do?

Meanwhile, no news about Kristina's disappearance.

'General Hospital' spoilers: The truth about Willow was discovered, Harmony in panic

Previously on GH, Willow had confessed to having a difficult childhood. His mother had changed cities several times, and the various transfers had destabilized him. Harmony, on the other hand, intends to bring Willow into Shiloh's dangerous sect, so that he can control it and manipulate it like other followers.

We also know that Willow's real name is Kali Miller, so it's not hard to imagine that he changed his identity after approaching the DoD. Also, Sonny learned from Neil that the latest case of exit therapy failed. General Hospital spoilers say Willow hasn't agreed to leave the sect, despite his father's contrary opinion. Precisely because of this, the man was taken out.

The most credited hypothesis is that Neil's mysterious patient is actually Willow. How did Willow's father really die? The man could have committed suicide, not tolerating the fact that he lost his daughter. Or, he may have been kidnapped by a Shiloh follower. The pieces of the puzzle are recomposed. Once Willow found out she was pregnant, he decided to leave the sect, fearing that Shiloh's followers might brainwash the child as well.

With great courage, he managed to escape.

GH spoilers: Willow could be linked to Harmony and Neil

"General Hospital" spoilers suggest that Willow might be somehow linked to Harmony and Neil. If there is a meeting between Tait and Neil, he may find out that he left the sect in the past. No doubt the plot will get even more complicated, and new twists are ready to shock fans of the soap opera. To know what will happen, we have to wait for the next "General Hospital" spoilers broadcast on ABC.