Spoiler alerts reveal that in Australia, Karla Mosley's name is no longer listed in the credits for "The Bold and the Beautiful." Fans of the talented actress will be wondering why so many new characters have been added to the show, while Maya is being sidelined. Divorced from Rick, her sister is in Paris and her parents are hardly ever on the show. Ms. Avant/Forrester and her daughter, Lizzy, seem to have no place within current storylines. The baby swap and related love triangles continue to take up air time, while Denise Richards, who portrays Shauna, and Kierra Barnes, who plays her daughter, Flo, are newcomers who have been given contract positions.

'B&B' sidelines Maya and other characters

"The Bold and the Beautiful" has long been known for placing characters on the sidelines for years. Deacon Sharp came back for two days when Katie was shot at, and never mentioned again. Sheila Carter also seemed to disappear into the night. Rick Jr. and Cocoa were in love the summer of 2018, but they have not been on screen since. Thorne Forrester continues to come and go from Paris, while Justin and Carter are basically props for the Spencer/Forrester clans.

Celeb Dirty Laundry is now reporting that Karla Mosley has been taken off contract status. Ever since returning to L.A., separated and eventually divorced from Rick, Maya has only been seen sporadically at the Forrester Creations offices.

Her daughter, Lizzie, is never mentioned. Will Spencer, Phoebe, and Kelly are shown on screen and talked about often. R.J. is Brooke's son, and Lizzy is her granddaughter, but she never says a word about either. Meanwhile, Shauna and Taylor are manipulating their children.

The same pattern continues on 'B&B'

The powers that be at "The Bold and the Beautiful" seem to believe that love triangles (or partner swapping) is what the viewers desire.

Ridge being torn between Taylor and Brooke, Dollar Bill going from Brooke to Katie, and Liam not sure if he loves Steffy or Hope, continue to be front burner storylines. Rick could have been recast.

Soaps She Knows indicates that the love triangles and the baby swap storyline will continue to be front and center in coming weeks.

Maya is not mentioned in any upcoming spoilers. The fact that Australian "B&B" audiences noticed Karla Mosley's name has been removed from the closing credits could be very telling. It's possible, that without her husband, the character of Maya may be scrapped completely. When Doug Davidson was fired from "The Young and the Restless," loyal fans used social media to demand that he return, and last week he did. Fans of Maya might consider doing the same.