''General Hospital'' spoilers say that Kim gets some bad news. Meanwhile, Jason and Sam are a couple again. Soap fans look forward to making their engagement official. At the moment, what interests the couple is that Kristine is protected. Sam spends a lot of time at work, but at the same time is close to Kim. Although both are focused on their careers and lives, they are happy together. Michael, on the other hand, isn't happy and suffers from missing his father. He will ask for Sonny's help, and that will unite them even more. Michael is still suffering a lot from grief and can't get through the difficult times.

He is young, but life has been very hard on him. As if that weren't enough, Nelle has found a way to complicate things even more. For these reasons, Michael will be more and more depressed and challenged. Will Sonny offer him his help or will he prefer to think about his life?

'General Hospital': Bad news for Kim, the tension between Sonny and Jason, Kristina is in danger

''General Hospital'' spoilers say Josslyn's gonna have problems with his mother. He's creating useless dramas, and his pessimism only makes it worse. However, meeting her mother will reassure her. Kim will receive bad news. And the fans hope it's not about her son. Meanwhile, Oscar will continue to fight for his life, although it depends on the care of the doctors.

According to the new General Hospital spoilers, there will be tension between Sonny and Jason. They both want to save Kristina from the evil Siloh. Will the common goal bring them together? Apparently, yes. Sonny and Jason know that they have to proceed carefully; their plan is dangerous. One false step and Kristine could be even more in danger.

GH Spoilers: Kristina is in danger, Jason and Sonny's plan is not simple

Krissy's still in trouble. In addition to having big debts, she has revealed to Siloh a dark and compromising secret. The money borrowed from Julian and Michael will naturally go to Shiloh and DoD. ''General Hospital'' spoilers reveal that Siloh's situation will get even worse in next episodes.

It's not excluded that Siloh's days are numbered.

Meanwhile, Christina and Chase meet at the General Hospital. Both are worried about Kristina, who has ended up in a dead end tunnel. Sonnj and Jason are ready to implement their plan to save her, but they must be careful not to compromise her position. Both have reasons to fail: Sonny might dismiss, unlike Jason, who might instead be too emotionally involved. Also, if Kristina's situation becomes unmanageable, the boss may decide to stop the plan. Will Krissi's father lose his mind and do something extreme? We'll know with the next "General Hospital" spoilers.