Spoilers for "The Young and the Restless" tease that Lola may have changed her mind about sleeping with Kyle. A promo for Monday's episode seems to confirm this is what is going on. Considering, however, the convictions of Ms. Rosales and how long she has denied herself the pleasure of Kyle's bed, this all may be a dream that she or her former beau are having. It is also possible, that her near-death experience may have her looking at life through a different lens. Perhaps the petite chef wants to fight fire with fire, and give Summer as good as she has gotten from her.

Either Lola has decided to play dirty and become an adulteress, or this is nothing more than a fantasy.

Lola may outmaneuver Summer

Soap Dirt teases that Lola may decide to beat Summer at her own game, by sleeping with Kyle. This seems quite out of character for Ms. Rosales but perhaps after surgery, and knowing that Kyle and Summer are in bed with each other night after night has her rethinking her chastity. The new Mrs. Abbott and her husband seem like they are settling in as man and wife. They are working on getting Jabot back in action, and Dina loves the perky blonde who she believes to be Ashley.

Soap Dirt also reveals that Phyllis is going to blackmail her new son in law, but do not say how or why.

Perhaps she sees the looks passing between Kyle and Lola, or catches them in an embrace. On Friday Phyllis asked Jack to allow her to run Fenmore's with Lauren and he refused. She may use whatever leverage she has over his son, to get him to change his mind

Paul may reveal Mia attacked Lola

Soap Dirt teases that Lola's attacker may be brought to justice this week because Paul will ask Rey to come clean about a secret.

Viewers know that detective Rosales is hiding the fact that his wife is the one who put his sister in a coma. If this truth is revealed, the shock may cause Lola to become alienated from her brother and have to lean on Kyle. Spoilers say the couple will keep running into each other and realize that their feelings are as strong as ever.

This will be a blow to the new wifey, and when she finds out, she will surely see revenge.

The hookup between Kyle and Lola could simply be a dream or a fantasy sequence. It's possible but doubtful that it could turn out to be very real. Whatever happens, fans know that "Kola" is no match for the combined team of Summer and Phyllis. Between the two of them, these women will make life utterly miserable for Kyle and once and possibly future love.. Be on the lookout for spoilers to reveal what will happen next in Genoa City, because things are getting pretty interesting. Continue watching "The Young and the Restless" each weekday afternoon on CBS at 12:30 PM EST.