Neil Winters death on "The Young and the Restless" began hitting Genoa City hard on Tuesday. Devon found his father dead in bed, then went to Society to tell his family the news. On Tuesday the Newmans and Abbott's were discussing fond memories, and even Victor and Jack buried the hatchet The memorial service will be on Thursday, and a number of familiar faces will return to town to pay their respects. Ashley is already back home and was discussing her former lover with Jack. Lily was released from prison just in time to be there for her loved ones and Malcolm and Jill are going to be on hand for the final farewell.

Spoilers just announced that Leslie, Moses, and Sophia will also show up to grieve with everyone else.

Leslie returns to Genoa City

Celeb Dirty Laundry indicates that Neil's former flame Leslie will be on hand for his funeral service. The couple was not able to make a go of it and always seemed to encounter stumbling blocks throughout their relationship. One reason was that Leslie put her career as an attorney first every chance she got.CBS Soaps In Depth reveals for new "Y&R" viewers the details of this doomed relationship. Neil proposed but Leslie never seemed committed. She left Genoa City then returned to tell her ex that she had married doctor Barton Shelby, whom she had only known for a short period of time.

Neil was devastated over this finality to his union with Leslie and from that point, he dated Sophie, with whom he had a son, tried twice with Ashley and was married for a short time to Hillary. Truthfully Neil Winters only had one long term relationship and that was Drucilla. Ms. Michaleson, however, will no doubt put a good spin on things and remember the few good times she had with Devon and Lily's dad.

Sophia and Moses arrive to say goodbye to Neil

CDL also states that Sophia will come back to Genoa City for the memorial with Neil's son Moses. She moved away when their child was a little boy and Neil was said to be visiting them on a few occasions. With so many family and friends sharing great memories along with combined grief, Thursday's episode of "Y&R" is sure to be a tear jerker.

The cast of the CBS daytime drama will not only be portraying grief that is written in the script, but they will also be mourning the loss of Kristoff St. John who died of February 1.

Be sure to watch Thursday's episode to find out if spoilers are correct in what will take place. Earlier reports of how Neil would die were incorrect. It was first said he would be in an accident and Malcolm would return to Genoa City with the sad news. Next, it was stated that Devon would find his dad in the bathtub. In the end, Mr. Winters was found by his son, lying on his bed having died in his sleep. It was also reported that Lily would blame Nate for her dad's death, but on Tuesday she was blaming no one but herself. "Y&R" airs on CBS at 12:30 PM EST weekday afternoons.