''General Hospital'' spoilers reveal that Ava will struggle with her past, which will return to torment her. Ava believes that Ryan is alive and this hope gives her strength not to despair. Julian thinks that Ava has clung to this idea so she doesn't feel guilty. On the other hand, Ava feels resentment towards Ryan. Her controversial feelings will give her many problems in managing her complicated life. Let's not forget that Ryan tricked Ava into believing he was the perfect man and protecting her when he hurt Kiki. Ava can't remedy her mistakes and the pain she inflicted on Kiki but she can certainly take revenge and destroy all those who obstruct her evil plans: who will now end up in her sights?

The spoilers also reveal that Kristina will be ready to make her official entry into ''The Trust''.

'General Hospital': The truth about Ryan comes up

Recent ''General Hospital'' spoilers also report that Jordan will be watching the moves of Ryan's accomplice. The Canadian police seem to have finished their investigation and closed the case, but Ava doesn't think so. According to Jordan, Ryan cut off his right hand to preserve his left, but nothing is certain. Subsequent analysis may confirm this, but now he's still groping in the dark. However, it is not known whether the cut was made before or after death. That is why the hypothesis that Ryan is still alive is valid, a hypothesis firmly supported by Ava.

General Hospital's spoilers for the next two weeks also reveal that Ava will seek help from Scott. The woman's goal is to find out if Ryan is alive and in this case, get to her hideout. The truth is close. However, Ava will receive a rejection from Scott, who doesn't want to get into trouble. This will infuriate her and it is not excluded that Ava will lose her mind again.

Scott probably doesn't want to get into trouble, but he might change his mind when Ava's in danger. As fans know, Scott never pulls back and his protective nature will push him to save Ava. What is certain is that Ava will not give up and will be willing to do anything to find out the truth about Ryan, at the cost of her own life.

Will Scott be able to stop her and avoid disaster?

Kristina will participate in an important event in the next episodes of 'General Hospital'

''General Hospital'' spoilers also say that Kristina will prepare for a special wind. Daisy and Harmony will help her manage her anxiety and suggest what to say and do when she is officially introduced in 'The Trust'. Kristina doesn't realize she's been brainwashed and she refuses any help. Fans, however, know that the solution to saving Kristina is in that mysterious recording and that no doubt, Alexis knows about a dark secret. What will happen? We just have to wait with trepidation for the next spoilers of ''General Hospital''.