"General Hospital" spoilers indicate that things are getting dangerous for Kristina, who is being sucked deeper into the world of Dawn of Day. Shiloh has promised her a position in his inner circle and she has trusted him with an explosive secret related to her mother. Sam will make a discovery in the attic of the DoD house and it will trouble her greatly. She and Jason will be in a race against time to save her younger sister before it's too late. In order to be part of the of "The Trust" Krissy may have to be branded with a tattoo like Daisy and Willow.

It's also possible that Shiloh may seduce her to make her his own.

Shiloh may seduce Kristina

Celeb Dirty Laundry says that Sam freaks out over what she sees in the Dawn of Day attic. It could be a bed where Shiloh initiates his victims by hooking up with them. It could be the branding iron he uses to tattoo the women he rings into "The Trust." Perhaps he has whips, chains, and other items which indicate that he is into sadomasochism. Whatever she finds it will be enough for her to tell Jason they need to move quickly in order t save her sister. The spoiler says that after she leaves, Shiloh ill take Kristina to the attic.

There is obviously some type of initiation ceremony that will take place, so spoilers indicate that Sam and Jason will be in a race against time.

They may possibly make it back to Dawn of Day in time to save Kristina from whatever lies in wait for her. It will take time to deprogram Krissy, so she may not even want to be saved. She has devoted her life to Shiloh and may continue to defend him no matter what.

Jason works with Chase to take Shiloh down

Soap Dirt indicates that a third individual will want Jason's help in taking Shiloh down.

Detective Chase is furious because of the damage DoD has done to Willow. He wants the cult leader behind bars and has convinced Jason to help him do so. The spoiler indicates that this will be the first time Jason is working with the Port Charles police department, rather than on his on and withholding information from them.

He wants to get Kristina out before Sonny decides to take action.

Spoilers don't say how this all ill turn out but, more than likely, Kristina will be rescued, even if it's after she goes through with her initiation. CDL reveals that Shiloh will have an ace up his sleeve because Kristina shared an explosive family secret, most likely regarding her mother. "General Hospital" fans already know about many of the dirty deeds of Alexis has committed, so this is probably something that has not yet been revealed. Be on the lookout for updated spoiler alerts as the information becomes available. Continue watching the action in Port Charles, weekday afternoons on ABC at 2:00 PM EST.