Now that the J.T. Helstrom mystery has finally been solved, "The Young and the Restless" is headed in a bold new direction. Fan favorites like Paul, Ashley, and Traci have returned and viewers are beyond ecstatic. Spoiler alerts now confirm that Greg Rikaart will reprise his role as Kevin Fisher later this spring and he may be responsible for leading Victor to Adam. A new storyline with the Newman patriarch began on Friday (April 5) when Brandon told Victoria that her father was at a high stakes poker game in Vegas. This is probably a clue that will lead to Nick and Vicky's half brother coming back to town.

Kevin and Victor work together again

Victor and Kevin worked together in the past when they stole Nick's inheritance from his bank account. Greg Rikaart was only on "The Young and the Restless" a few days and viewers wanted more. There was never any explanation as to why such a popular character was written out, but now he is back and will be part of an intriguing storyline. Celeb Dirty Laundry indicates that Kevin will be working with Victor and instrumental in Adam's return.

This brings up the question of where Adam has been all this time and why he has stayed away so long. How did Victor and Kevin come to the conclusion that Adam is alive? How did Adam escape the explosion? Why would he allow Nick to date Chelsea and raise Christian as his own?

In order to make this work, "The Young and the Restless" may have to rewrite some history. Soap Dirt reports that a recast for Chelsea is in the works, so this will make things pretty interesting. There is also the issue of Chloe and whether or not she will return to Genoa City with her husband.

Kevin, Adam, Chelsea will bring new life to 'Y&R'

Soap Dirt reveals that the actor portraying Adam has been aged down, so a new Chelsea will probably be younger as well. This will put them in a category a little older than Kyle, Summer, and Lola, but younger than Nick. Kevin will probably fit right in with his old friends, and spoilers tease that perhaps his mother, Gloria, may return to Genoa City as well.

For the past year, "Y&R" has revolved around the Rosales family, but now Arturo is leaving town and Mia may soon follow. Their departures will pave the way for Kevin, Adam, and, hopefully, Chelsea to ease back into the swing of things in Genoa City. There are also additional "Y&R" storylines coming. Continue watching the daytime drama, each weekday afternoon on CBS, at 12:30 PM ET.