Beth Chapman, famous for her work as a bounty hunter along with her husband Duane “Dog” Chapman, was hospitalized on April 6. Fluid reportedly accumulated in her lungs, The Blast reported. To “alleviate pressure,” she underwent an “emergency procedure.”

According to SurvivorNet, “A lot of people" living with cancer experience a “series” of hospitalizations “when something unexpected goes wrong.” The publication further explained that lung cancer can lead “pleural effusion,” which is not an uncommon type of fluid that builds up that affects other people diagnosed with lung cancer.

Reality star ‘rushed’ to hospital, ‘grateful’ of prayers

Beth’s and Dog’s lawyer verified that the reality television star is at home in Hawaii and recovering, according to People. She was “rushed” to the hospital, where she had surgery, the publication also stated.

The Chapmans feel “grateful” for the outpouring of prayers and support from fans, the New York Daily News reported. Beth, 51, and Dog, 66, have been generous in sharing updates about their lives with fans and social media followers.

The same day that Beth was most recently hospitalized, Dog shared on Instagram that his wife had a pizza craving from their “fave spot,” In Touch Weekly relayed on April 6.

Even though he remarked that Beth would “eat maybe” a slice of the pizza, his act of getting her exactly what she wanted did demonstrate that he was making good on the commitment and willingness “do anything to keep his wife alive,” according to SurvivorNet.

Bounty hunter Dog says Beth is his ‘rock’

Dog credited Beth for being his “rock,” as well as his “bodyguard,” several media outlets reported early in April.

Amid her battle against cancer, he also opened up about his emotions, acknowledging that Beth is his “everything,” Fox 8 noted. He stated that he has “cried” a great deal while Beth has been “fighting like hell.”

Live life ‘to the fullest’ in midst of cancer battle

Beth has been tough in her fight against cancer, showing her determination to live “life to the fullest” in spite of her diagnosis, Fox also reported.

She has continued working, “on the hunt," as Dog relayed. Simultaneous to her courageous effort to the best life possible with her husband, she has retained her desire to “enjoy” their time “left together.”

The couple is set on holding onto hope, according to Country Living. The publication reported that Beth’s stage four lung cancer is not something that they allow to “slow them down.” Equally important to their positivity is their approach to deciding that they cannot “admit defeat.”

WGN show scheduled for air this year

While staying strong for each other, and giving the battle with cancer their all, the Chapmans have also maintained taping their WGN reality show, “Dog’s Most Wanted.” Dog’s son Leland is also an important member of the family’s bounty hunting team.

The team’s work is slated for broadcast later this year.

Dog characterized himself as feeling “amazed” by Beth’s strength, according to In Touch. He also said that he would “be a big sissy,” if he were in his wife’s position. He poignantly stated that he also cannot “imagine a day without her.”