"General Hospital" spoilers reveal that Nina's drama will be crucial in future episodes. Her storyline gets more and more complicated and full of dark secrets. Nina is sure that Sasha is her biological daughter, but this is not true. The DNA test results confirmed the motherhood, but they were actually rigged. Nina's real daughter is not Sasha, as fans have known for a long time. Nina doesn't know she's been deceived. Her real daughter is much closer than she thinks. In recent episodes of "General Hospital," there have been many clues to this. These clues lead to a specific name: Willow.

Will Sasha finally find out the truth? Interesting are the hypotheses on what Nina will do after the discovery of the secret. The woman could leave the city to rebuild her life or face the truth and everything that entails.

Dark secret risks discovered on 'General Hospital'

Of course, Michelle's departure complicated everything. The actress, who will be cast in "The Young and the Restless," has stopped the investigation of Nina's motherhood. However, General Hospital spoilers promise great twists and turns in this regard. According to Celebrity Dirty Laundry, this storyline will pick up on the DNA test results. However, a new entry is needed to replace Michelle. According to the rumors, Cady McClain could play the role of the tormented Michelle.

An important detail validates the hypothesis that the actress arrives in the soap. As we know, Cady McClain lent her face to Kelly Andrews of "The Young and the Restless." In addition, the actress is married to Jon Lindstrom, who plays Dr. Kevin Collins in "General Hospital." In short, these are not indifferent clues that give hope to the fans.

Shock scenario in 'General Hospital'

"General Hospital" fans are interested in the post-revelation consequences. What happens after you learn that Nina is not Michelle's real daughter? And above all, is the woman's natural child really Willow? General Hospital's foretaste says that Nina could run away from Valentine once she finds out the truth.

Surely, the dark secret will change her life forever, leading her to inevitable and important choices for her future. Another probable hypothesis is that Nina decides to leave the city to leave everything behind. What is certain, is that a new drama is going to come down on Nina. Spoilers do not rule out a dramatic murder. For other spoilers and news about General Hospital and other soap operas, stay tuned.