Fans of "The Bold and the Beautiful" have been patiently waiting for the reveal, that Steffy's adopted daughter Phoebe is really Hope's baby Beth. It first was thought that Dr. Buckingham would break down and admit he swapped the newborns, at birth. He has now left LA. and cannot be held accountable. His daughter Zoe found out the truth from Flo, but they both decided to remain mum. Now, Anika Noelle who portrays Hope has given an update on the storyline to Soap Opera Digest. She says executive producer Brad Bell has no timeline and this situation could go on for weeks, months, or even years.

Brad Bell dragging out baby switch storyline

Soaps She Knows indicates that this week Shauna will find out her daughter was pregnant, only she actually never was. The spoiler says Flo will panic, no doubt because her dark secret may come out. Unfortunately, this may only be a teaser because Anika Noelle revealed that Brad Bell does not have a specific time for the truth to be revealed. Soap fans do not like explosive storylines to drag on, especially when innocent children are involved. It would be unfair, to everyone involved if Steffy raises Phoebe for years and the child bonds with her.

It will be devastating for Steffy and Hope, even if the baby switch were revealed tomorrow. If Brad Bell does drag it out, for an unspecified period of time, this will not be fair to the characters, or to loyal fans.

Soap Opera Spy says that Anika Noelle teased that her character is bonding with Douglas, and his dad, and will refuse when Liam suggests they have another child. She will say that she has already lost two babies and does not want to go through that heartbreak a third time. The actress says that Hope may even walk away from Liam to be with Thomas and raise his son.

Anika Noelle remains Hopeful

It's possible that Brad Bell was only teasing when he said the baby switch was going to go on for years. For the sake of fans, this should be wrapped up in weeks, rather than months. Anika Noelle is hopeful things will conclude in a timely manner and loyal viewers can do the same. In the meantime, there will be plenty of drama with the mothers of the women who are involved.

Brooke wants to ensure her daughter's marriage works out.

Taylor is pushing for Thomas and Hope to get together so Liam will go back to Steffy. Shauna is refusing to tell Florence who her biological father is and now Flo has to lie to her mother about being pregnant. Some exciting episodes are coming up on "The Bold and the Beautiful" prior to the big reveal of the baby switch. Be sure to watch this award-winning CBS daytime drama weekday afternoons at 1:30 PM EST, Be on the lookout for spoiler updates related to these intriguing storylines.