The other day, ''Game of Thrones''' masterminds dropped another thrilling teaser for the upcoming Season 8. According to IMDb, the show is set to return with its final season on April 14, the HBO-based TV series decided to stir the pot with another minute of intense and explicit video.

The teaser focuses on what appears to be a completely shattered Winterfell. The great fortress from the North seems to have witnessed a lot of death within its walls and its surrounding area. By, now, we know that the Night King and the Army of the Dead are aiming to conquer Winterfell as part of their invasion plans into the Realm.

Although short, the teaser shows a cornucopia of items and details hinting that many major characters had their final say among the livings.

The Night King's assault on Winterfell was a success

What better way to induce a state of fear and terror than showing a Winterfell in ruins with its defense towers crippled while a number of major character-related items are scattered all over the place.

With Winterfell taken off of the Realm's defensive apparatus, the big question is how the Night King could be prevented from conquering the whole territory. As the dark forces seem to have the upper hand, the fate of the livings comes under scrutiny. Would there be any survivors among the major characters?

That's a great question and with the picture of those items scattered around the floor, the answer to that question may not be pleasant.

The chronological story of those eight items

As far as those items are concerned, they all belong to ''Game of Thrones''' biggest and most important characters. To make it easier, reviewing it chronologically is the best option.

So, as the video started, after a short caption of the desolated Winterfell, the focus settled on the first item which was the tip of a Dragonglass arrow, the only material supposed to kill off the undead enemy.

A couple of seconds later, Tyrion's hand's of the queen pin can be spotted under a pile of snow. From this point on, the frequency with which items pop up into the video accelerate.

Arya's Needle appears next, surrounded by the winterish bright light coming down from a crack from the ceiling.

Then the camera moves outside to show The Feather Robert put on Lyanna's tomb softly landing on Bran's Wheelchair which is the fifth element of the array. Please keep in mind that these scenes are happening in a cascade with little or next to nothing time to take in the freshly discovered hint.

As we move deeper into the video and the eyes are struggling to see through the thick fog mixed with snow, Jaime's golden hand pops up lying around on the snowy carpet. From that, the camera quickly slips forward only to stop for a brief moment on Daenerys' three dragon-headed chain.

This genuine power tour fully loaded with symbols and hints ends with the eighth item which is Jon Snow's Longclaw, the famous sword he used to slay the undead.

The strangest part of this newest teaser is the complete absence of those possessing these items. And, that can only make us think about the worst when it comes to how the final play of ''Game of Thrones'' will unfold.