''Game of Thrones'' dropped the official trailer for the final season and the amount of emerging details is quite overwhelming. The Season 8 trailer sent shivers down the viewers' spines as an Apocalypse-like feeling was present for the most part of the two-minute clip.

As the trailer revolved mostly around the Battle of Winterfell and its implications for the overall story, there may have been some details left outside of the debate. One of them is Cersei Lannister's plan to keep the Iron Throne for herself as an unscrupulous alliance grows between her and Euron Greyjoy, the possessor of a huge fleet that's been ruling the shores around Westeros.

Cersei Lannister's obsession dissolves any grain of morality

When it became obvious that Westeros was about to be invaded by the Army of the dead, Cersei Lannister seemed to cave in and accept an alliance that would have saved Westeros from obliteration. But her words may mean nothing.

According to Express UK, the promises she made to Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen are just noises in the wind. A dark covert plan to blindside Winterfell surfaced as Cersei agreed to team with another unsavory character, Euron Greyjoy.

The bad news about their strategy is that it might actually tip the scales in their favor. While the livings are converging to Winterfell trying to stop the Night King's legions, Cersei and Euron may take advantage and blindside their enemy.

They could also wait until Winterfell's defenders become tired and outnumbered.

It's fair to say that Cersei Lannister's obsession with being in power goes beyond the limit. After all, even her brother Jamie walked away in disgust. Ultimately, her alliance with Euron Greyjoy made it even worse.

The Lannister's affairs

Let's assume, at least for a second, that Cersei Lannister's plan succeeds.

But, in order to get to that point, the Winterfell defenders would have had to defeat the Night King and the undead legions. By that time, the whole of Winterfell would be in ruins as well as great parts of Westeros.

But Cersei is not the only Lannister around. Jamie already made his intentions clear as the trailer showed him saying that he would like to fight for the livings.

Tyrion Lannister's intentions are yet to be fully determined. The beloved character ( Peter Dinklage) had a side talk with Cersei at some point raising questions about where his loyalty would land when the times comes.