''Days Of Our Lives" (DOOL) spoilers say that there will be new love affairs. After a tormented period to say the least, Eric will choose Nicole, plunging Sarah into despair. Her reaction will amaze fans of the soap opera. While she hopes with all her heart that Eric will change his mind, she may also approach another man. The possible 'candidate' is Xander who, according to the latest ''DOOL'' spoilers will be back in town very soon. Surely, Rex will be dumped, since Sarah doesn't love him and never will. In short, intriguing situations await us, ready to thrill us as always.

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'DOOL' spoilers: the 'Ericole' are back, Sarah has her heart broken

''Days of Our Lives'' spoilers reveal that there will be developments in the love triangle between Sarah, Eric, and Nicole. Eric will break Sarah's heart and see her dreams shatter. Eric will choose Nicole. His decision will throw Sarah into despair, who had believed with all her heart in that love. However, the new couple will not live easy moments, as unexpected obstacles are ready to test them, as happened in the past. According to Celebrity Dirty Laundry, Sarah's only hope is that Nicole won't be able to psychologically sustain her relationship. On the other hand, Sarah is aware that she entered Eric's life too late and spent most of her time fighting to win him over rather than living a carefree love.

Eric may have made a reckless choice by approaching Nicole and returning later to Sarah. At least, that's her desperate hope.

Sarah and Xander could be the new couple of 'Days of Our Lives'

As soap fans surely know, this is not the first time that 'Ericole' have experienced dramatic moments. The last time was Nicole's alleged death, which almost drove Eric crazy with pain.

''Days of Our Lives'' spoilers also reveal that Sarah could be in an uncomfortable situation with Rex. She doesn't really love him and so there's no point in deluding him. What is certain is that Eric's decision to choose Nicole will break Sarah's heart.

According to Celebrity Dirty Laundry, Xander should be back in town soon.

The sweet hypothesis is that Cook and Sarah reconnect, finding the complicity of time. Will he console her destroyed heart? Being so disappointed and bitter, Sarah could even make fun of Xander and have a relationship with him just to spite Eric. Will Sarah and Xander be the new couple of ''DOOL'' in the next episodes? Will the love story between Eric and Nicole be destined to overcome the obstacles of destiny? Stay tuned for the latest hot revelations and don't miss the next ''Days of Our Lives'' spoilers.