The current love triangle on "The Young and the Restless" has fans divided over which couple will survive. Kyle continues to go back and forth between the two women in his life, seemingly unable to make a decision. He is pinning for one woman while sleeping with the other, keeping them both in limbo. He told Lola he loves her but cannot bring himself to end his marriage. Summer knows her spouse has feelings for Ms. Rosales but she refuses to walk away from him. Both her parents as well as Jack believe "Skyle" should terminate their relationship.

Lola is lovesick and optimistic that things will eventually work in her favor and there seems to be no end in sight for this tangled web of dysfunction.

'Y&R' love triangle becomes more complicated

Soap Dirt indicates that there is no end in sight for the "Y&R" love triangle between Kyle, Summer, and Lola. Each woman believes she is the one that Kyle really wants to to be with and neither will listen to sound reasoning. Kyle is the one who suggested that he and Summer get married, but he did not think the decision through to the end. Now he has a wife says she forgives him and wants the relationship to work. In the meantime, her husband has given Lola a diamond necklace and Nick caught "Kola" kissing.

Soap Opera Spy has a poll going asking viewers how long they believe this complicated situation will continue and which woman Kyle will choose.

Some "Y&R" viewers believe "Skyle" has a chance, but others are rooting for "Kola.". On Tuesday Summer asked her spouse why her dad was so furious with him at Abby's restaurant opening and he admitted Nick saw him kissing Lola.

The two got into a heated argument with the new rs. Abbott throwing things at her spouse. In spite of his shortcomings and being unable to keep his hands and mouth off of the competition, Summer wants to fight for the marriage, but on Tuesday things took a drastic turn.

Love triangle turns against Summer

"Skyle" was discussing the love triangle situation and Kyle admitted he would always love Lola.

Summer was heartbroken when he said he wanted a divorce and walked out. This may not be the end, however, because several things could take place to change it all. Summer may find out she is pregnant and Kyle stays with her to raise their child. Lola had doubt as she talked to Tessa and she may decide it' not worth it to break up a marriage.

There is also a chance that Kola could get together only for Kyle to later realize that it is Summer he truly loves. For these reasons, don't give up on your preference for the best couple in Genoa City, at least not yet. Spoiler alerts promise to give updates on the love triangle as they become available, so be on the lookout for them. Continue watching "The Young and the Restless" each weekday afternoon on CBS at 12:30 PM EST.