''General Hospital'' (GH) spoilers in upcoming episodes ay that Oscar's death is approaching. The boy is being admitted to the Quartermaine clinic, with the hope that palliative care will make his last days of life better. Soap opera fans are not satisfied with the dramatic epilogue of this storyline. It is not excluded that at last-minute doctors may find an experimental drug to save Oscar.

Josslyn's reaction is very worrying. She feels guilty for the misfortune that struck Oscar Nero and reacts very badly. She alternates moments of anger with days when she spends hours crying and despair.

''GH'' spoilers reveal that when Oscar's condition deteriorates further, Joss will have an unexpected reaction. Her anger will be directed at Cameron, who can do nothing to stop her. Cameron, on the other hand, will try to calm down Joss in the best possible way, but his good intentions will be in vain. The situation will deteriorate dramatically.

Spoilers General Hospital: Oscar Nero's death destroys Josslyn

''GH'' latest spoilers say that Joss will see his life fall apart after Oscar Nero's death. The woman will have moments of despair, which will vent in different ways. On the one hand, she will get angry at everyone who is close to her while on the other she will close in on herself. What worries her is the irrepressible anger of Josslyn, who will often vent his anger on Cameron Webber.

In the ''General Hospital'' episode of April 24, according to Soap Opera Spy, Joss will have a shot of anger against Cameron. The real reason is not yet clear, but Cam is supposed to be unable to deal emotionally with the visits to Oscar, which will infuriate Joss. The situation is really complicated and risks turning into a tragedy.

GH next episodes on ABC: Joss' life falls apart

As we all know, anger is easier to handle that pain. It is precisely this strategy that seems to have been undertaken by the desperate Joss, who sees Oscar slowly fade away day after day. Cameron will try to be patient and offer all the support he can to Josslyn, but it won't be easy.

General Hospital spoilers, however, give a feeble hope to fans. It is not excluded that Dr. Monica and her team may find an experimental cure for Oscar or attempt an innovative surgery. So could Oscar save himself? Meanwhile, watch out for Kristina's storyline. Although Jason saved her in extremis and she is willing to return to the sect, still being subjugated by Shiloh. If this were to happen, Kristina would be in serious trouble but for Shiloh, it would be another success, who could stop her madness? We look forward to discovering other ''General Hospital'' (GH) spoilers.