Andy Cohen, best known for Bravo TV shows these days, took to his Instagram Friday, April 12, to post a throwback photo of him and RuPaul from the early 1990s. Followers of Andy think it's hilarious and most of them teased him a bit about his hairstyle and his tie. Most of them noticed that RuPaul looks like a giant next to the more diminutive TV show host and celebrity. However, Cohen got the love for aging like a fine wine and he just looks better and better. Plus, now we know where baby Benjamin Allen Cohen gets his black hair from.

Throwback Friday photo from when Andy Cohen worked at CBS

In his post's caption, Andy said, "Did you know I produced @rupaulofficial’s first appearance on Morning TV? (At CBS in the early 90’s.) Everybody say love!" Well, everybody did love the photo, and some of them feel it should be placed in a museum. However, soon the comments came as fans started to laugh at the older fashions from those days. Poor Andy's tie received some criticism, and everyone really hoped Andy's hair was tied back in a ponytail, which may have redeemed it somewhat. You could not make it out in the photo, but he did hashtag it with #ponytail.

The very obvious impact from the photo shows just how tall RuPaul is. Either that or Andy's a lot shorter than he looks on our TV screens.

Maybe It's that RuPaul's tall and wearing heels and Andy's not short, but average height. Anyway, it looks so funny as they stand next to each other. Andy's face is lined up with her chest and his arm is around her waist, at his shoulder height. But, comments were not about any kind of body-shaming. Mostly, it was all in good fun and about the tie!

RuPaul towers over Andy who fans think aged very well

Look, RuPaul's just RuPaul, apparently ageless and beautiful, but fans of Andy Cohen think he's aged very nicely. Some of them commented that he looks refined, handsome and nice these days. In a backhanded kind of complimentary way, two fans like it that he's grey, with @Don** saying, "You look SO MUCH better with grey hair!!" meanwhile, @Kin** was a bit more fervent with, "Thank god you went gray." One of the funniest comments came about his #pontytail hashtag.

@Ste** wrote, "That’s a pony that LVP couldn’t even rescue!" Obviously, that was in reference to Lisa Vaderpump who rescues animals and stars on Bravo's "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills."

Nevertheless, the size difference between RuPaul and Andy got more comments. Here's some of those:

  • @kat**: "Wow I didn't realize how tall she is. Great photo."
  • @Say**: " I’m just now realizing ru is so tall even without heals"
  • @Skip**: "OMG Andy I know Ru is tall but she makes you look so tiny "
  • @Tab**: "Is Rupaul like infinity feet tall???"
  • @Stb**: "I love Rupaul. That...expression on his face with the teeth.. like roar! Or Meow?

Hilarious comments focus on the tie Andy's wearing

When it comes to Andy Cohen's tie, which for some reason features an upside-down flower, loads of followers decided they nearly died laughing.

I could list the funniest comments here all day, but maybe you should just go and have a read of them yourself. So many followers thanked Andy Cohen for posting the photo with RuPaul to his Instagram. It was a wonderful way to have a laugh, enjoy our favorite TV show host, and learn a bit more about 1990s fashion. Oh yeah, and like lots of others, you may need to go back to the picture time and again just to see more of what an old throwback photo can tell you. And maybe to find out if someone still sells ties like that 'cos you may just have to get one!.

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