On April 26, "The Young and the Restless" will finally lay Neil Winters to rest. The one that has portrayed him, Kristoff St. John, died of alcohol and heart-related issues on February 1. Loyal viewers of the CBS daytime drama have been wondering just how this situation will be dealt with on the show and now spoilers are revealing what will take place. All of Genoa City will be stunned at the shocking news of Neil's untimely demise. One individual, however, will be especially troubled by the news. When Nikki Newman is made aware of what happened to her good friend she will not handle it well.

She will be so distraught that she seriously considers drinking again.

'Y&R' reveals how Neil died

Earlier "Y&R" spoiler alerts reported that Malcolm Winters will come to Genoa City with the news that his brother passed away. The CBS daytime drama has not mentioned where Neil has been for the past two months, so viewers may have to assume he was spending time with his sibling. Soap Opera Spy now confirms the speculation that Neil died suddenly in an accident. The spoiler does not say but it is likely that this was an automobile crash. Nikki Newman had a special bond with Neil as they were both dealing with staying sober.

At one point the duo was so close that Victor was beginning to become suspicious of their connection.

Soap Opera Spy indicates that Nikki will be so distraught over the news of Neil's death that she will consider drinking again. In the past, She will consider, however, the nature of her relationship with the deceased and decide he would not want her to go down that path again. Her love and respect for her friend will give her the strength to put the drink down and walk away.

Neil's death brings change to 'Y&R'

Soap Dirt reveals that a lot of changes are coming to "The Young and the Restless." Ashley may return, Arturo and Mia are out and Paul will be on screen more. Some comings and goings by cast members are directly related to Neil's death. In addition to Malcolm bringing his brother's body home to be laid to rest, Jill will be back for the funeral.

Lily is going to be released from prison in time to say goodbye to her father, and it's possible there may be a recast for Christel Khalil.

Neil's funeral may be the make or break point regarding his daughter's marriage. Fans want Lane to reunite, as they mourn the patriarch of the Winters/Hamilton family but they may be sadly disappointed. Daniel Goddard, who portrays Cane Ashby teased on Twitter that he may be moving on, so fans may not get the "Lane" reunion. Be on the lookout for spoiler updates as April 25 draws near. Continue watching "The Young and the Restless" weekday afternoons on CBS at 12:30 PM EST.