Spoiler alerts for "The Young and the Restless" indicate that the cover-up crew drama and the plot to regain control of Jabot will remain front and center. There is also another storyline gaining steam, one that seemed to come out of left field. Kyle proposed to Summer in order to ensure she would donate her kidney to Lola. Now the feisty blonde is making plans to take some type of action. They more than likely include finding ways to ensure her vows are till death, and that her new husband will not renege on his promise. It's even possible she may decide to seal the deal by bringing a new Abbott/Newman into the world.

Does Kyle truly love Lola or Summer

Like her mother Phylis, Summer is a master at setting up scenario's that benefit whatever her current desire is. This time, however, it was Kyle who cooked up a scheme to benefit what he wants to happen. "Y&R" viewers would have fully expected Ms. Newman to dangle marriage as bait in order for her to save Lola's life but were shocked when Kyle is the one who came up with the idea. This brings up the question of where young Mr.' Abbott's heart truly is. Does he love Ms. Rosales or deep down is the daughter of his former stepmother the one he adores?

Kyle and Summer have danced around each other for years, and neither seems to declare their love at the same time.

Most recently Jack's son laid his heart bare only for Ms. Newman to jump in bed with his uncle, Billy. Soaps She Knows reveals that in the coming week, Summer will plan some type of move. It may have something t do with preparations for donating her kidney, or even having a will in place in case something goes wrong. More than likely it has to do with holding on to Kyle once they say I do and what better way than to produce a new Newman/Abbott heir?

Certainly, young Mr. Abbott understands his bride will want to consummate the marriage.

Newman/Abbott drama continues for Kyle and Summer

Celeb Dirty Laundry says that the drama with the cover-up crew will continue and Kyle and Summer will be right in the middle of it. His brother and uncle are wanting to oust her mother from the CEO position at Jabot.

CDL reveals that something big is coming with Kerry which will rock Genoa City to its core and no doubt knocks Jack for a loop. Phyllis is the town pariah for turning on Nikki, Victoria, and Sharon and her daughter is the only one currently in her corner.

Kyle must realize that once he takes his vows with Summer, any chance he had with Lola is gone. Her brothers will be livid and demand he stay away from her ad. Ms. Rosales herself will be deeply hurt. There must be an unknown reason he is the one who proposed marriage to be on the lookout for updated spoilers to reveal it.

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