Spoilers for "The Bold and the Beautiful" tease that the women surrounding Liam Spencer will be making rash decisions as he continues to be unable to fully commit to any relationship. Taylor will be pushing for a Steam reunion even as she considers getting back together with Ridge. Hope continues to be drawn to Phoebe and contemplating that her husband should live in the home with the little girl and his daughter Kelly. Flo is dealing with guilt and overwhelmed by the fact that she played a part in keeping a child and mother separated. Something is going to happen that will cause Steffy to leave town and walk away from it all.

Hope Taylor and Flo ruled by emotions

Celeb Dirty Laundry says that Flo will be at the breaking point and just might tell the entire truth about Phoebe. She now knows all the players and to add insult to injury, she used to date Wyatt. Zoe has sworn her to silence but now that she has met Hope and seen her pain, Flo may just decide to unburden herself and see that Phoebe/Beth is returned to her rightful mother.

Hope has been so distraught that she even tried to force Liam to get back together with Steffy. She seemed obsessed with the idea and it took her husband a while to calm her down. Ironically, she is not the only one with this idea. On Friday, Taylor attempted to manipulate her daughter into accepting Ms.

Logan's gracious offer. Spoilers indicate that Taylor will be like a dog with a bone and won't stop until she sees Liam back in the home where he can be a full-time father to both Kelly and Phoebe.

Taylor and Steffy at odds

Soap Dirt indicates that Taylor will revert to past behavior and give Ridge a passionate kiss. Brooke is going to see this and old rivalries will come into play.

Meanwhile, Jacqueline Woods who portrays Steffy will soon be on maternity leave which indicates that her character will be off-screen for a while. The spoiler suggests that Ms. Forrester may leave town to get away from all the drama. It's not yet known what will lead to Steffy fleeing from LA or if it comes before or after the baby switch is revealed.

Steffy's conflicting feelings for Liam stem in part over his inability to choose between her and her cousin. Ms. Forrester is also confusion because Hope and Taylor are suggesting she should bring her former husband back into her home. This is a lot to deal with along with being a single mom of two infant daughters. Should Steffy find out that her mom is going after Ridge again and reigniting the feud with Brooke, this could push her to the edge. Finding out that she has been raising Hope and Liam's daughter will surely push her over. Stay tuned to "The Bold and the Beautiful" to find out if Flo tells the truth and the house of cards comes tumbling down.