Spoiler alerts for "The Young and the Restless" indicate some exciting scenes are coming up in the next two weeks. The program will be preempted on Thursday and Friday (March 20-21), but the action will resume the following week. Rey, Billy, and Nick helped the cover-up crew escape custody on Monday (March 18), but things will get worse for them before they become better. Summer went into surgery assured of her husband's love, but there will be complications that put her in a coma. Viewers are delighted that Paul and Ashley are returning to Genoa City, but it may come at the cost of some new characters being written out of the show.

Cover-up crew escapes, Summer in jeopardy

Celeb Dirty Laundry reveals that the cover-up crew will be in danger and that Summer’s surgery will go horribly wrong. On Monday, Rey, Billy, and Nick rescued Niki, Victoria, and Sharon from the transport van. They will set a trap to catch J.T., but he will be one step ahead of them as usual. Spoilers say the women will be in danger before this storyline comes to an end.

CDL teases that Lola will come through surgery with flying colors, but her donor will end up in a coma. If that happens, then there is no way Kyle can keep the Newman and Abbott families in the dark regarding the true reason he married Summer. Everyone will blame him for bartering a liver for Lola and putting his new wife's life in danger.

The new "Y&R" head writer, Josh Griffith, is flipping the script on a lot of storylines set up by Mal Young, so it's too soon to figure out if Kyle will stand by Ms. Rosales or realize he loves Summer.

Paul and Ashley return

Soap Dirt says that with Doug Davidson and Eileen Davidson returning to "Y&R," Josh Griffith will probably be letting other cast members go.

Kerry is set to leave Genoa City and this has viewers wondering about the fate of the Rosales family. With Paul back as police chief, there may not be room for Rey. If the truth comes out that he helped the cover-up crew, he will more than likely lose his job anyway. Lola may find she has lost Kyle, as well as her business, once she recovers, and Arturo may ride off into the sunset with Mia, who could be carrying his child.

Ashley will return to Genoa City for two days and she is likely working with Kerry to cause problems with Jabot. Since she is coming back for such a short time, perhaps it will not cause anyone else to lose their job. The Rosales family is growing on loyal viewers and now that Paul will be restored, perhaps there may be room for everyone. Stay tuned for updated spoilers related to what happens next on "The Young and the Restless."