Fans of Eileen Davidson are elated that the popular actress is returning to her old stomping ground. According to "Digital Journal Entertainment," she will be back on "The Young and the Restless" for two days at the end of March. On Friday, Kerry sent a text to someone saying that the Jabot battle was on and spoilers teased that it might be Ashley. Ms. Johnson has been allowing both Jack and Phyllis to believe she is on their side in the fight to control Jabot. If she is indeed working with Dina's daughter to disrupt John Abbott's legacy it will be a shock to all of Genoa City.

It will also come at a devastating time with the drama surrounding Kyle and Summer's marriage and Lola's transplant.

'Y&R' welcomes Eileen Davidson back

Eileen Davidson was last seen on "The Young and the Restless" in October of 2018. She said she left because she wanted to have more free time and never elaborated on why she walked away from her decades-long role. However, rumors and spoiler alerts suggested she was at odds with the then head writer, Mal Young. During his time on the CBS daytime drama, Young fired Doug Davidson (Paul), put the Rosales family front and center, had Victor and Nikki in an open relationship and Jack thinking he was not John Abbott”s son.

In addition to Eileen Davidson leaving "Y&R," Christel Khalil, (Lily) went on recurring status and Mishael Morgan, (Hilary) did not renew her contract after negotiations for a raise fell thru.

Eric Braeden, who portrays Victor was very vocal regarding how Young was changing Genoa City history and disrespecting veteran actors. If Young being fired is why Davidson has chosen to return, she will probably never let it be known.

Ashley brings chaos to Genoa City

Celeb Dirty Laundry and other spoilers are suggesting that Ashley still has an ax to grind with her family and she will return to Genoa City on a mission.

On Friday, Kerry sent a cryptic text to someone saying the battle for Jabot had begun and spoilers insist it is about Ms. Abbott. It seems Kerry is working for her and trying to play Jack and Phyllis off of each other. There are no details yet on what happens when the eldest Abbott daughter comes home but fans already know that Kerry will be leaving town soon.

Ms. Johnson's betrayal will devastate Jack and Billy who believed they were about to oust Phyllis and regain control of the family business. The brothers are also dealing with Nikki, Sharon, and Victoria's murder convictions, as well as Kyle suddenly marrying Summer. Ashley will be bringing added chaos and kicking her siblings while they are already down. If spoilers are correct there will be a lot of can't-miss-TV coming up on "The Young and the Restless" so stay tuned.