The serial killer storyline on "General Hospital" will pick up steam this week as a number of Port Charles residents put the clue together and figure out that Ryan Chamberlain has been impersonating his twin brother, Curtis and detective Chase will listen to the voicemail that Franco left for Jordan and realize what has been going on, while Mac and Felicia do some sleuthing and come to that same conclusion. Meanwhile, over at Ferncliff, Laura and Kevin are going to find a secret tunnel that will lead them out of the basement and to freedom. The real Dr.

Collins showing up with the missing mayor will leave no doubt as to what has been taking place for the past year.

Curtis, Chase, Mac, Felicia get a revelation

Soap Dirt indicates that Ryan will lock Carly in the trunk of his car and head to Niagara Falls to marry Ava, While there the serial killer will have some type of altercation with Oscar, Josslyn, Cameron, and Trina. Meanwhile, all hell is breaking loose back in Port Charles. Celeb Dirty Laundry says that Detective Chase and Curtis will listen to the message on Jordan's cell phone from "Urgent" and realize the commissioner was working with Franco. They will know at that point that Kevin's evil twin ha been impersonating him.

Mac will be discussing new clues with Felicia when the couple also realize that Ryan has traded places with Kevin.

Spoilers don't say what will be done with this information but at least now most of the town is beginning to understand the deception they all have fallen for. Jordan is in a coma but Curtis will see to it that her work with Franco is made known and the real killer is caught.

Laura and Kevin may make it home

CDL teases that Laura will find a secret passage in the basement at Ferncliff that will lead to freedom.

Kevin, however, will point out that his blindness will slow them down and want her to go alone. Spoilers don't say how the duo escapes but only that they will. The duo will be shocked to find out that Ryan forged Mrs. Collins name on divorce papers, and left the country with the intent on marrying Ava.

Some exciting episodes are coming up this week so be sure to tune in to "General Hospital" to see how it all plays out.

Spoilers have not revealed what happens to evil Dr. Chambrlain but perhaps this time he will indeed meet his final demise. Perhaps Ryan and his twin will faceoff and Kevin will get his revenge. Be on the lookout for updates to this storyline and continue to watch weekday afternoons on ABC at 2:00 PM EST,