In the new movie “2050” which is currently showing around the country, model and actress Stefanie Bloom plays a robot that is constructed with the purpose of pleasing of her owner. As far fetched as it sounds, such technology is already here, as the actress tells us in this exclusive interview.

Modelling, roles, and characters

Meagan Meehan (MM): Is New York home for you, Stefanie, and was acting always your goal?

Stefanie Bloom (SB): Yes, Long Island to be exact, born and raised! I’ve wanted to act since the age of nine.

MM: How has the modelling helped get you film and television parts?

SB: Any experience in front of the camera helps. I think the more you do, whether it’s a photoshoot or even an audition, is a learning experience.

MM: Is there any reluctance to cast models, like there use to be in the old days, or have Charlize and Cameron helped change all that?

SB: Charlize and Cameron have definitely paved the way for models turned actors, for sure – they showed the industry you’re not constricted to wearing just one hat. Those ladies broke the type cast mould. Nowadays actors, models… even musicians... do it all.

MM: What was your very first acting role?

SB: My first acting role was a commercial. I was nine and it was a national television show called “Seven Deadly Sins”

MM: What was your big break in modelling and was there a campaign that helped your career more than another?

SB: My big break into modelling was with Seventeen magazine. I then went on to do Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar and More magazine. And the Nuicoco hair care campaign definitely helped me book others like Disney and Verizon.

MM: How did 2050 come to you and can you tell us about your character, Sophia?

SB: I remember seeing the casting notice for the film, and when I read the breakdown description for Sophia I immediately thought “this has to be me”.

I was so intrigued with the robot/human interaction between David’s Vaughn’s character and Sophia. I remember after the audition, I walked out and thought “Wow. I nailed it. If it’s meant to be, it’s meant to be…” and it was. Sophia is a robot created by a man named Michael. Michael fully customizes her at the Parlour ran by Maxwell, played by Dean Cain.

Her function and purpose is to please him. Existentially she is the representation of what people think they want in a partner, of course, later we find out that sometimes you don’t really know what you want.

Movies, reality, and learning experiences

MM: Do you think the movie will almost be our reality in a couple of years?

SB: Absolutely! It sort of already has! There is actually a Sophia robot. And I’ve also heard in the news of someone marrying a hologram. I truly think before 2050 hits we’ll be in a whole different realm of existence.

MM: Did you get to work much with Dean Cain?

SB: No, unfortunately not. My scenes were mainly with David Vaughn who plays Michael. But I hear those that did work with him had a wonderful experience with him.

MM: Tell us about working with Princeton Holt?

SB: Princeton is unlike any director I’ve ever worked with. His enthusiasm after each take of how much he loved seeing it all coming together was a great feeling as an actor. I hope to work with him again

MM: Where do you hope to be in ten years, Stefanie?

SB: Doing exactly this. Acting. Growing as an actor. Every job is a learning experience and I don’t want to stop learning to do what I love.