Spoiler alerts for "The Young and the Restless" have announced that Jason Canela is the first Rosales to be let go since new head writer Josh Griffith took over. It is unfortunate that this family of four may be the sacrificial lambs because of Mal Young's treatment of veteran actors on the show. There are no details on how or why Arturo will be leaving Genoa City, but it, more than likely, has to do with Abby finding out he slept with Mia. Mal Young firing Paul put Rey, his wife, and siblings front and center in almost every episode. The Abbott and Newman families were pushed to the back burner and viewers complained.

Arturo says goodbye to Genoa City

Soap Opera Spy reveals that it is official that Arturo is leaving Genoa City. The spoiler says that Jason Canela confirmed on Twitter that his one year contract is up and he will be moving on. Arturo came to town as a handyman who worked with Nick while having an affair with his mother Nikki. Longtime fans did not like the storyline of Victor and his wife having an open marriage and were really outraged when Abby began dating her stepmother's boy toy. Jason Canela's character was never developed in a way that endeared him to the viewers, o it was only a matter of time before he was out.

When the "Y&R" script was flipped to indicate Mia and Arturo slept together, viewers speculated that she might be pregnant and the pair would leave town together.

Earlier spoilers said Rey would find out about the betrayal, and once he does Arturo and Mia's days will be numbered. A few weeks back during an interview with Soap Opera Digest Jason Canela said the Rosales family was here to stay. He obviously had no idea of the power of angry fans and a new writer taking over. As Doug Davison was out after 40 years, this should have signaled that no one was safe, especially recent hires.

Canela is first casualty after saying he's not going anywhere

In February, Celeb Dirty Laundry quoted Jason Canela as saying in an interview that the Rosales family was here to stay. Now, ironically he is the first casualty. If Mia is pregnant with his child, the two will more than likely leave Genoa City together. On Monday, the family was dealt with two harsh blows when Paul fired Rey, and Lola found out Kyle married Summer and slept with her.

It looks like Josh Griffith is positioning the entire family to soon be out of Genoa City.

CDL teases that Abby and Rey may hookup over their shared grief, but that's not likely because he loves Sharon. Jason Canela and the actors who portray his siblings and sister in law are all very talented. Had they been brought onto "The Young and the Restless" in a manner that allowed viewers to warm up to them, things may have been different. Because of beloved soap veteran Doug Davidson being the sacrificial lamb, there was some animosity from fans and Mal Young should have known that would happen. Be on the lookout for updated spoilers to find out what happens next to Arturo and his clan.