"The Bold and The Beautiful" spoilers reveal that next week, Hope will shock Liam with a surprise. Fans will see some twists and turns. Hope and Douglas will be very near after his arrival in Los Angeles. He’ll help Brooke's daughter to overcome Beth's mourning. At the same time, Douglas is sad about Caroline's death and Hope's support is precious to him. Liam will understand that there's a strong connection between them, and think about what to do. Meanwhile, Steffy is in Paris with Phoebe and Kelly. Also, Brooke understands that Taylor used Steffy to regains Ridge.

'B&B spoiler: Douglas' pain over Caroline's death

Over the next few episodes of ''The Bold and the Beautiful'' (from March 25 to 29), Hope will tell Douglas that Caroline is close to him and protects him from the sky. These sweet words touch him. Douglas, approaching Hope, will make her an unexpected request. He would like her to be his new sweet mother. Liam and Thomas are embarrassed about this situation. Instead, Hope wants to help the baby get through the tragedy. He lost his mother and she’ll help him with her love. Liam will be worried about his wife. Hope was obsessed with Phoebe, Steffy's adopted daughter, and the situation may happen again. The "B&B" spoilers reveal that Spencer Jr. would like to have a conversation with her, but Liam is afraid that Hope will react negatively.

Also, a "B&B" baby swap is coming.

Brooke vs Taylor in upcoming episodes

Steffy needs to think about her future and stay away from the obsessive Hope. Everyone is waiting for her return, especially Liam, who misses Kelly. "The Bold and the Beautiful" spoilers also say that Taylor will take the opportunity to get Ridge. Brooke won't like it and warn her husband.

At the same time, Logan will try to mediate between Hope and Liam. Also, Taylor will share with Ridge, so things are going to get exciting.

The soap spoilers reveal that Brooke and Taylor will still clash. In particular, Brooke Logan will accuse Taylor of using Steffy to get to Ridge. Hope is just an innocent victim in this perverse game.

Taylor will deny everything, rejecting Brooke's charges. But Brooke's purpose will become stopping Hayes, because Taylor and Ridge spend more time together, realizing that they are attracted to each other. What will happen in the Forrester family next week? We just have to wait for the next updates, episodes, and news on "The Bold and the Beautiful."