Brady Bell, the executive producer and head writer on "The Bold and the Beautiful" is hinting that some exciting episodes are coming soon. He promises the baby swap will be revealed but not without some unexpected twists and turns along the way. Now that Thomas is back, Bell says he will stir the pot and bring drama into the lives of Hope and Liam. The action will heat up around the time Jacklyn Woods, who portrays Steffy returns from maternity leave. Taylor has already expressed to Ridge her desire to see their son with Brooke's daughter, so with her interference and Brooke attempting to shut her down, almost anything can happen.

Hope, Liam, Steffy again plus Thomas

On Tuesday, Taylor saw Hope in the kitchen comforting little Douglas whose mother Caroline just passed away. She immediately told Ridge that their grandson needs a mother and Brooke's daughter needs a child. Ridge pointed out that Liam is Hope's husband and his ex-wife began to go on and on about how their daughter should be with the father of her little girl Kelly. Steffy is in Paris now because Jacklyn Woods is on maternity leave but will return to find her mother will have caused a lot of trouble.

According to Celeb Dirty Laundry, Bradley Bell is promising viewers that the love triangle with Hope, Steffy, and Liam will heat up and that Thomas will now be involved. When Ridge and Taylor's son left LA for New York he was with Caroline and had broken Sally's heart.

On Tuesday he revealed to his parents that he and Ms. Spencer were only living together for the sake of their son and were not romantically involved. Although Sally is dating Wyatt, it's possible that "Tally" may still have feelings for each other which would complicate matters greatly.

The baby swap reveal will change life for Hope

More than likely Thomas will find himself caring about Hope once more as he watches her bond with Douglas, but when the baby swap comes to light things may change. Liam's wife will begin bonding with her own child and desiring the family unity with her husband that never should have been broken.

CDL says Bradley Bell assured fans that Phoebe is indeed Beth, so that is one twist that no one has to worry about.

Soap Dirt is reporting that Taylor will indeed play matchmaker for her son and the daughter of her rival. The spoiler teases that Hope will fall in line, defend her time with Thomas, and once again tell Liam they have no future. By the time Steffy returns and the baby swap is revealed, there will be no telling who is going to end up with whom. While Hope is leaning on Thomas, Sally may do the same because Wyatt has a past with Flo. Be on the lookout for updated "B&B" spoilers as Bradley Bell reveals more of the chaos to come.