At the end of Friday's episode of "The Bold and the Beautiful," Dollar Bill Spencer and Taylor both received phone calls that seemed to rock them to the core. Spoiler alerts say that on Friday it will be revealed that they were given the news that Caroline Spencer has died. There are no details yet as to what caused her to pass away but Thomas and his son Douglas will soon be returning to LA. Dollar Bill once perpetuated a fraud by telling Ridge's son that his niece was dying. Now that she is truly deceased, Bill and others will be feeling a lot of different emotions and with Taylor's son coming home drama is sure to follow.

Thomas and Douglas return to LA

Soaps She Knows says that Bill and Taylor's phone calls are connected and Celeb Dirty Laundry reveals the reason why. Caroline Spencer has died and this will change everything. Thomas is coming back to LA with his son so Steffy will no doubt postpone her business trip to Paris. Dollar Bill may feel a lot of guilt as he pretended his niece was dying to get Thomas away from Sally. Now Caroline is really dead a lot of lives will be complicated.

Thomas broke Sally's heart twice because of Caroline but Ms. Spectra has now moved on with Wyatt and Dollar Bill is going to help her revive her fashion designing career. With Douglas and his dad coming back to LA, it will bring all the reminders of Caroline going along with her unce's plan so she could get Thomas away from Sally.

'B&B' has an agenda for Thomas

Now that Sally is working for Dollar Bill, and Thorne has left LA, Thomas may be returning from New York to eventually assist at Forrester Creations. After the shock of Caroline's death subsides and a period of her loved ones mourning her loss, things could get pretty tense. There is most certainly an agenda behind the B&B writers having Ridge and Taylor's son return at this time.

He may cause problems for Sally and Wyatt or throw himself into being a single father. His parents will be on hand to assist him which will bring them closer together and also frustrate Brooke.

Katie and Bill are getting closer so if Taylor and Ridge reunite, Brooke will be left out in the cold. There must be a reason why the role of Thomas is being recast but Caroline has been written out of the show.

Be on the lookout for spoiler alerts to update this storyline as new information becomes available. Continue watching "The Bold and the Beautiful" weekday afternoons on CBS at 1:30 PM EST as this plot thickens.