Carson Daly was intent on showing his wild side to Hoda Kotb on “Today” this morning, March 20. The two have partnered up as co-hosts several times in recent years for the fourth-hour fun of the morning show, but Carson Daly never opened with a wardrobe choice quite like this one.

Deciding to show off his “off-duty” style, apart from his more straight-laced, suit and tie restrictions of his usual hosting responsibilities, Carson Daly loosened his baby blue tie from his neatly pressed shirt and tied it around his head. It wasn't long before the morning small talk on workday rebellion turned deeply personal, and the always-personable Daly disclosed some very deep thoughts on his past and the gifts of love from his own parents that guide his love of family.

Set free by the truth

Carson Daly moved from his flippant fun to serious respect when he asked Hoda Kotb if she had seen the courageous revelation from Wendy Williams about residing in a sober house, still under treatment for addiction. “I want to know her more,” Daly applauded of Williams, who is known for being very honest about her views on the lives of Celebrities, and now, turning the same honesty on herself.

The subject turned to youthful dreams, and Hoda Kotb disclosed that her dream through school was to be a teacher, which she deemed “nothing big.” Teachers can be among the biggest influences in the lives of young people and Carson Daly reiterated that “you would have been a great teacher.” Her love as a mother now pours out in her devotion to her daughter, Haley Joy, and books like her latest, “You Are My Happy,” which currently resides on the bestseller list in children's books.

Carson Daly revealed a calling that would have kept him from becoming the devoted father that he is. He joked with Kotb that he owes emerging from being a shy child to the universal beach party host on MTV to “Cancun, Mexico, José Cuervo, and spring break,” but soon revealed that it was really a consuming passion that made him willing to do anything his path required.

“I almost was going to become a priest,” disclosed Daly, who followed with “thank God, God didn't ask me to do that,” but the host explained that he was completely willing to take on the vows of poverty, celibacy, and faith.

“The Voice” host often shares his perspectives on personal faith on social media.

His love for music called him to more worldly vocations, and he was willing to make any sacrifice necessary in that new pursuit.

“I was totally willing to be broke,” Carson confessed. The young DJ was contented to be doing what he loved, devoted to music and those who make it, and excited to just have a $20,000-a-year job. The same passion led to a $45,000 DJ job and finally getting a prized possession-- a mattress.

Gifts to last

Carson Daly related how proud his parents were to sleep on that new mattress, but the successful son now insists that the love from his parents, particularly his mother, Pattie Daly Carson, who died from a heart attack in 2017 was so immense that it is “scary.”

As a father, he completely affirms that love is the greatest gift any parent can bestow upon a child, but he also felt the loss of that love in “transference” when he lost his mother.

He admits that he purposely tries to love his own children “less,” which, of course, is essentially impossible for any committed parent. He only describes the effort as his way of sparing his young daughters and son from the grief that may come later but the same realization of the brevity of life provokes him to be a very “present” father.

Later in the morning, Carson Daly was showered with compliments by “Black Panther” and “Us” actor, Winston Duke. The rising screen star remembered his youth and being so enamored with Daly on “Total Request Live,” while he interviewed stars like Christina Aguilera for MTV.

It was a morning of past memories, love of parents, and the power of commitment for the NBC host who will soon leave his late-night station. Be assured, Carson Daly will continue to be a positive presence somewhere.