Wednesday on "The Bold and the Beautiful," Brooke got an unpleasant surprise when she witnessed Taylor kissing Ridge at a vulnerable moment. Many viewers of the show who know Brooke's history with Taylor, Katie, Bridget, and the late Macy and Stephanie Forrester, would argue that she shouldn't have anything to say. Love her or hate her, Brooke showed no signs of backing down when it comes to inappropriate advances towards her husband.

Ridge and Taylor's history

A psychiatrist by profession, Taylor Hayes was previously married to Ridge Forrester and was the favorite daughter-in-law of the late Stephanie Forrester.

Her rivalry with Brooke continues to this very day, but she has always maintained a friendly relationship with her ex-husband Ridge. She is proud and grateful for the family that she created with him, bearing him a son named Thomas and twin sisters, Steffy and Phoebe.

Taylor has seen her family fall apart due to Ridge's relationship with Brooke, and it might be the reason why she is has been incessantly encouraging Steffy to stake her claim with Liam in order to maintain a complete family. She also expressed her opinion with Ridge that perhaps Thomas, Hope and young Douglas could also form a complete family of their own. Though she may come across as overbearing and unrealistic, it appears that her intentions are pure.

It also became apparent that Taylor hasn't gotten over Ridge. She confessed to him that she missed what she had with him and she then kissed him. Ridge, however, didn't seem too impressed by her advances.

Should Brooke be upset?

Imagine coming home from a trip and seeing your husband's ex-wife coming on to him. We have seen many women, on the show, who have witnessed or experienced Brooke as the third wheel in their marriages, and their reactions have been emotional and sometimes violent.

Brooke, although upset, approached Taylor is almost a calm yet stern manner that was powerful enough to startle her. Brooke is no fool, and she has made her message clear: she will deal with Taylor "swiftly and forcefully". Next week, we will get to see Brooke's outrage in more depth. Does this mean that Taylor will defy her?

Will Taylor respect Brooke's marriage?

Taylor has been very vocal and repetitive about the Logans and their path of destruction in her life, and her daughter's life. Understandably, the loss that she suffered in the past and the fact that Steffy is no longer with Liam, makes her want to see some sort of justice and vindication. How will she achieve this, especially since Steffy has shown very little interest in taking Hope's offer to get Liam back? Will she continue to push the envelope to see how far she can go? Taylor is not known for pursuing married men, but she has shown some very unfamiliar sides of herself since her return.

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