Spoiler alerts for "The Young and the Restless" tease that as the Newman family says goodbye to one demented associate only to be faced with another one. As the drama winds down for the cover-up crew, and J.T. is dealt with, it is being reported that Adam will indeed return to Genoa City. Rumors of Victor's second son coming back from the dead have been floating around for several years. They have included a return for both Michael Muhney and Justin Hartley but neither came to pass. Now it is being stated that a new actor has been chosen to portray Nick and Victoria's half brother and he will show up with an agenda.

J.T. makes his exit

Celeb Dirty Laundry says that J.T. Helstrom will soon say goodbye to Genoa City, which indicates that the cover-up crew will be saved from the Abbott cabin where there is a serious gas leak. Billy and Phyllis are close by and Victor and Rey are on the way. Viewers are more than ready for J.T.to leave town for good. It's not known yet if he will be sent to prison, a mental health facility or succumb to the illness that is causing his headaches. However, it goes down, "Y&R" fans are weary of this storyline that has gone on for more than a year.

As J.T. exits the storyline, there are other characters making their way back to Genoa City. Earlier spoilers revealed that Doug Davidson will return as Paul on Monday, March 25 and that Eileen Davidson will show up for two days at the end of the month.

Soap Dirt is reporting that Shemar Moore is excited to be on "Y&R" again on April 26 to say goodbye to Neil, whose portrayer Kristoff St. John died on February 1. CDL is also now saying that Adam Newman has been recast and will soon show up.

Adam returns to Genoa City

"Y&R" has not officially acknowledged that an actor has been hired to replace Justin Hartley who last had the role of Victor's second son.

CDL, however, says that Adam comes back to town to torture his family. Before the character allegedly b0lew up in a cabin, his father was trying to help him get out of Genoa City with his wife and sons. At that point, the only person who had a grudge against Adam was Chelsy so a motive for his seeing vengeance on the Newmans is unclear.

CDL promises updated spoiler alerts related to Adam's return, but until then "Y&R" viewers can enjoy Paul, Ashley, and Malcolm as they Genoa City says goodbye to J.T. Be sure to continue watching this long-running CBS drama each weekday afternoon at 12:0 PM, EST.