"Sister Wives" fans know that Mariah Brown, daughter of Meri and Kody Brown proposed to Audrey. Obviously, everyone wants to know when the couple plan on tying the knot. Plus, others question whether Kody will officiate. However, it looks like they don't plan to rush into married life. In fact, Mariah says school's a top priority right now.

Mariah talked about life in Chigaco, far away from the 'Sister Wives' family

When Mariah went onto her Instagram Stories to do a Q&A, she spoke about life in Chicago. Obviously, the move took her far from her "Sister Wives" family, but she seems to love it there.

One thing she loves includes grabbing a brunch. She says that she and Audrey get out to eat brunch because that's her favorite meal of the day.

However, when it comes to winter in the Midwest, there's not so much love on that side. Mariah said, "This was a rough freaking winter." Additionally, she noted that it was just "super-dark," and she never experienced so much darkness before. However, she notes, "we made it through to springtime." Now, she's just excited for summer to arrive as they have some stuff planned.

Wedding plans for 'Sister Wives' family

One of the top questions fans of "Sister Wives" ask Mariah, is when we can expect them to marry. On that, you may be disappointed to hear that any marriage's likely to be a couple of years away yet.

Mariah said, "There's so many of you asking about wedding dates. We don't have one yet." She added that "it will be a few years yet as [she's] in grad school still."

Talking about school, Mariah told "Sister Wives" fans that very likely that she will pursue a Ph.D. Mariah Brown says that she "loves school. " In fact, she "never wants to stop going to school." Mind you, she's not averse to taking a break.

Actually, she says she's likely to work a little bit and then maybe go back to school a bit later.

Trivia questions for 'Sister Wives' Mariah Brown

Some "Sister Wives" fans asked a bit of trivia, like what she uses on her brows, and whether she ever visited Germany. On Germany, Mariah said she's never been there specifically, but did "go to Europe twice," adding that she "went right after she graduated high school." Plus, she went back two years ago.

She's been to Ireland and Holland, and "specifically " went to Amsterdam. On her favorite book, Mariah said she battles to read books, but her favorite is probably Cheryl Strayed's "Wild: From Lost to Found on the Pacific Crest Trail," as it really changed her life.

What do you think about all the things Mariah Brown shared on IG with her fans? Do you think that it's wiser that they finish school before she and Audrey think about marrying? Sound off your thoughts in the comments below.

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