"The Young and the Restless" new head writer, Josh Griffith has delivered on what has been rumored for more than two years regarding the Newman family. Adam is returning, and the role will be played by Mark Grossman. Fans have patiently waited through speculation, fake news and spoiler alerts that did not pan out. Now Soap Dirt says it is official that Victor's prodigal son will return to Genoa City. There is no word yet as to whether or not Adam come home alone or with his family in tow. Whatever happens, this will open up a can of worms regarding the relationship status of Nick, Chelsea, Conner, and Christian.

Adam's return helps the Y&R set feel like old times

Josh Griffith is doing all he can to please"Y&R" fans and bring back the glory days of Genoa City. Paul, Traci, and Dina were back on Tuesday, Reed returned on Thursday and Ashley is expected by the end of the month. Now Soap Dirt reveals that the big one has arrived. Adam Newman will grace Genoa City once more and the role has now been given the handsome Mark Grossman.

Adam was last seen in October of 2016 when he, allegedly, perished in an explosion. His return to Genoa City will be epic and "Y&R" fans will be thrilled. Soaps She Knows teases that there will be a lot of fallout, for the Newman family, now that Reed is home. The prodigal son returning will bring a slew of storyline possibilities which may help fans get over the changes made by former head writer Mal Young.

It will soon feel like old times for loyal viewers.

Adam's return brings questions

Once Mark Grossman sets foot in Genoa City as Adam Newman, there will be a lot of questions that need answering. Viewers will want to know how Adam escaped and where he has been for two and one-half years. Did Chelsea and Conner leave town to meet up with him and will they follow once he is back home?

What will all of this mean for Nick who has been raising Christian as his own son?

The Newman family have always dealt with drama, but the return of Adam will take things to a different level. They are currently dealing with the J.T. fiasco, an enraged Reed, and an emotionally distraught Victoria. Summer just married Kyle Abbott and Abby broke up with Arturo after finding out he slept with Mia.

Nick made peace with Sharon and left Phyllis high and dry. Just as the dust is beginning to settle on these issues, the man they thought was dead will show himself very much alive. Be on the lookout for spoilers to update the return of Victor's prodigal son and continue watching "Y&R" weekday afternoons on CBS at 12"30 PM EST.